Real Life Conversations: Whose Are Those?

So this week is baby announcement hubbub, but in real life baby updates will come about once a week, possibly more if I’m rounding a milestone or something remarkable happens. The rest of the time will be regularly scheduled programming. Hopefully in a few weeks I’ll even be able to bring back Flo and try out some new noms. At this point we are slowly attempting to put our lives back together after the hurricane of oh-man-we-are-pregnant-and-wow-this-is-not-how-I-thought-it-would-be-ness. So, it’s little wonder that this happened yesterday morning.

I shuffled into the bathroom after sitting up in bed eating apples and peanut butter (pro tip: it helps greatly with keeping pregnant blood sugar even AND has the added bonus of aiding in the consto wars). Kamel was chattering at me, or singing, or something per usual. As I turned around and looked at him (in his boxers and undershirt) in the bathroom light I noticed something amiss:

“Kamel… those aren’t your underwear.”

Kamel looks down at his purple-ish boxers when all of his are either grey or black.

“They aren’t mine?” he says.

I laugh. “No! They are purple!”

“Well… they were in the clean clothes…”

“Whose are those?” I ask.

“Mine now!” he says.

This is what happens when you have shared laundry with our entire apartment section. Some poor fella is wandering around without his underpants. And I know who has em now…

One year ago we made Sarah’s Shredded Chicken Tacos in the slow cooker for the first time ever. And it was AMAZING.

13 thoughts on “Real Life Conversations: Whose Are Those?”

    1. Me too!! And I was thinking–how did he not notice?? πŸ˜›

      But I also love how unfazed he was by the fact that he was wearing a STRANGER’S underwear. I think my reaction would have been along the lines of “OMG OMG EW GET IT OFF ME!” Even though they’re clean. Rational? Not a bit πŸ˜‰

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