Lust List: I Want All The Things Edition

It has been forever and a day since I scouted the internet for things I think are awesome-sauce. But now the streak will be broken with 8 things I think are ah-mazing and I want them all right this second. Oh being a grown up, how you thwart me so!!

This bobby pin is too awesome

I’m obsessing over the simple things and for whatever reason that means corks in white containers. Corks for the win. What I would put in this? I don’t know. but I want the whole collection. Where would I put it? That is far from important.

Studs. Studly. Sea Foam.

Why didn’t I think of this? I love this very much.

I don’t even need a stool. I just want it (and really.. does anyone truly need a footstool? Like is that the one thing missing from your house? No. Never. But it makes no difference). 

Oh my god please buy this shirt and wear it every single day and take pictures with it on and send them to me. Or better yet, we could just hang out. Claire Jesse, I’m looking at you.

Hello accidentally sexy and comfortable at the same time.

When will my hair be long enough and awesome enough so that I can do this? It is all I want in life currently. The bun at the top, the pop of color. Ba-Bam.

What are you lusting after? Link me to the things you’re drooling over in comments. We can drool together. (Aww Yeahh.)


  1. I want to hang a handmade otomi embroidery (from Tenango de Doria) like this!

    in the wall of our reading/guest room:

  2. I don’t keep a lust list, b/c I have to operate on the what-I-don’t-see-I-don’t-need principle (otherwise, I would have all the things). Now, I need those studs. Preeetty.

    • I have a strict rule that I never try any clothes on in a store unless I’m willing to purchase. I won’t even go into certain stores unless I have the cash to spend. It’s too much heart break!

  3. Iiiiiiiii am seriously considering getting that shirt. BAH. Its so much fun!

  4. This is rather dorky, but the new Moleskine Evernote notebook. WANT SO HARD.

    Nevermind that I need an iPhone to make the thing work.

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