Insta-Grammy Part 6

For a while we stopped doing Instagrams. This was because we never went anywhere or did anything and I was sick all of the time and I couldn’t talk about why me and the couch were BFFs and that’s all you would have seen anyways.

All The Nanners (@thebriefness)

Having nothing to take photos of and going nowhere is super depressing. For the last several weeks (and the last few months) my weekend plans have been: nothing. Laying on the couch, attempting to be a normal human, etc. Not exciting stuff, lemme tell you.

Back when my belly was insignificantly pregnant.

That Chik-Filet thing was ridiculous.

Sweaty root beer.

Popcorn not from a bag.

We had this looming trip to Mexico City in mid-August for our godson’s first communion, and we weren’t even sure if I was going to be capable of making the trip. We had bought plane tickets, we had told everyone we would be there. This was straight up family obligation, and everything was super up in the air. When I was calling in sick at least once a week because I couldn’t drag myself out of bed, things didn’t look so good for a 4 hour flight and a weekend of family activities.


It’s been too long.

I would get a little better, with help from some meds, and then I would have a really bad day again. Or a bad weekend. And things wouldn’t look so great for the trip. But we weren’t telling anyone yet because everything was still too early and what was there to tell? What if in a week everything cleared up and I was fit as a fiddle? (Oh please let this happen one day!) If things change so much from week to week we were playing this big family-obligation trip by ear up until a week before. True story. So, instead of staying with family we got a refundable hotel room (for privacy and napping ease), and waited until the ultrasound to tell us if things were still a go.

Baby’s First Feel-up.

And we went! This is a picture of me getting super-frisked at SFO because I opted out of the X-Ray machine. And wow. they tapped my vagina four times. Very weird. I thought Kamel wasn’t watching it all go down, but he was just pretending not to care while he snapped a bunch of photos. He is so sneakily on it sometimes. I love it.

Tacos al Pastor

We love Mexico City for two huge reasons. 1) the family is the best and 2) the food is amazing.

Danny-made cupcake tree.


The colors slay me.

Street Fashion.

Traveling and not feeling 100% always sucks, but we also had a lot of fun. I mostly felt guilty for not being my usual yes yes yes self. Having to leave events before they were finished, having to take breaks and rest in our hotel room during the day, having to start the days a little later than usual in order to pull it together. It all made me feel guilty. Not because other people were at all difficult about it, but because this weekend was about family, and even then I had to take time out just for me and that’s really difficult for me to assert or admit to.

For The Baby!

Last Night in Mexico

There’s a lot going on in this photo.

Would I ever think I’d be going to Mexico City while pregnant? If you had asked me 5 years ago I would have told you I had no intentions of going to Mexico City ever! But now it feels so simple. The city where half my family lives. One of my favorite cities in the world. And even though traveling while pregnant is a bit of a pain, it’s not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I worried it would hurt the baby, but so far so good. I worried I would be super sick, but I was just the usual amounts of sick, and I worried I wouldn’t be able to recover once we got back, but I went to work on Tuesday and I was fine.

Classic Airport Waiting Feet.

Kamel’s favorite Mexican chocolate.

Escape is futile.

And once again, the abilities of what the human body can handle amaze me. One day at a time, one adventure, one risk, one fear, one major life event.

8 thoughts on “Insta-Grammy Part 6”

  1. I really hope you start feeling better soon. Also: salsa valentina, I want some of that, and you are an expert now, popcorn’s with it are the best.
    And, you went to the “Nonsolo” I love that place… and it is funny because it is kind of one of our usual go-to places, you had me smiling big time when I saw the pic.
    And now I am craving for some tacos al pastor.

  2. Can I just say–I frickin LOVE Mexico City. Ate some of the most amazing food there. And yes, I judge cities by their food.

    Also, you are makin’ me jealous with that In N Out photo.

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