“I Just Want To Play Ball”

Have you been watching the Olympics? We have been watching the Olympics. Well, as much of it that I can stay up for, because what the hell NBC? Who is your audience?They say it’s “United States-focused” but I wonder if they really know what that means.

Raise your hand if you are the people who can watch the entire prime time coverage from 8pm – 11:00 – 11:30?! First of all… attention span? At least in the US it’s about 2 hours tops. Unless there is beer and hot wings, but no one can do beer and hot wings every day for two weeks. Ok, some people… but not me. Second of all… who can watch that many highlights and events for that long every single day and still get up and go to work?

Every evening I’m praying the event I want to see is in the first hour. But it almost never is. Gymnastics? On until god knows when because I certainly didn’t stay up that late. I watch the highlights in Today Show clips the morning after and this is how the conversation goes in my mind:

“Oh, look… there’s that guy and he’s wearing a medal. Guess he won. Oh, yup. He did. Well that’s nice.”

“Hm, I wonder why they have her on… oh … silver huh? I wonder what happened there… well, good for her. Would have liked to see that one.”

And I know there are clips online but have you tried slogging through that clusterfuck?

Wow, I almost went on a whole NBC Olympic sized rant there – ok, I sort of did, but I’m REELING IT IN folks. Reeling. Because really here is what I wanted to say: I LOVE THE OLYMPICS. Some people do not love the Olympics, but I am not one of those people. I love the events (because basically, the whole point of every event is to defy the laws of physics and that shit be crrrazy!), I love marveling at the perfect specimens that are the athletes, I love see all of the different cultures and skin colors and skill levels hurtling themselves down the track or pool or shooting themselves into the air with the greatest of ease. I love the human interest stories. I love the families and the fans. I love the crazy hats. I love that more women came to the Olympics this year for the US team than men!

And while I was watching the trampoline event this weekend I saw this commercial, which almost made me cry but most definitely made me say “HELL YES!” out loud in my living room. And we all know how much I love commercials. So – check this out. It’s fabulous.

12 thoughts on ““I Just Want To Play Ball””

  1. The Olympics have made me appreciate my new job’s crazy hours because it means I’m home for daytime coverage fairly often. Or at least, I can sneak in an hour of morning coverage before heading to work and an hour or two of evening coverage once I’m home.

    I’ve always disliked the way the lump events together and switch back around so often in prime time coverage. I wish they could just designate 8-9 for gymnastics, 9-20 for swimming 10-11 for track and field (or something) instead of saying 8-11 is all of those things. It’s not like they’re showing it live anyhow, it shouldn’t be that hard to schedule effectively.

  2. Umm, excuse me….trampoline event?!! There is a TRAMPOLINE event?!! How did I miss this?! I feel like there are so many events that Ive never heard of or seen that I am missing. I want my TV to have an option on On-Demand where I can just scroll through the different events and pick the ones I want to see. But I am right there with you, i LOVE the Olympics! There was something so amazing about ALL those countries being under ONE roof in harmony at the Opening Ceremonies. Amazing.

    1. Oh hell yes Trampoline event. They go really high and do a LOT of flipping. It’s basically for people who used to be gymnasts. It’s… mesmerizing!

  3. I can’t believe that your technically-minded husband hasn’t set up a DVR of some sort yet. We got one a couple months ago, loved it already but appreciate it even more because of the Olympics. We record everything, look at the listed events to see if we should watch it, skip to the parts we want, pause it (important with the baby), and don’t have to miss anything. It makes it even more likely that you’ll learn the final result before you get a chance to see it but that happens half the time anyway because of NBC’s time delay.

    1. That sounds so amazing. Unfortunately, our TV is the lowest tech thing we own. We don’t have cable, in fact… we just have old school bunny ears. So a DVR is well and beyond our current tech abilities. πŸ™‚

  4. Despite NBC having pretty terrible coverage, I must be the person they organize their coverage for. If I’m home, I watch it from 7-11. I love the Olympics just so much. I love the opportunity to be blindly patriotic and I love that it’s only every 4 years and I love watching the human race do amazing things. And proud parents in the stands! Oh, Olympics, I do not tire of you.

    And thank you Lauren for introducing me to that commercial. So awesome.

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