Finally I get to spill the beans:

Way back in June we found out that I was pregnant! And this is the reason I was slow on returning emails or calling you back. It’s the reason I had to cancel plans or say no to things I generally say YES YES YES to. It’s why the blog has felt very lame lately, and why I needed to take that week off two weeks ago. It’s the reason for lots and lots of things that have happened (or more like: didn’t happen) this summer. Like, how I was supposed to go to OutsideLands this last weekend with Claire and instead we had to sell our tickets because I am going through a period of lameness and constantly feeling hungover and/or motion sick.

Hopefully I will bounce back shortly and be able to fit into my fun pants again. Even with the addition of a belly.

And tomorrow I will give you a big run down on everything that’s happened complete with photos and video. (Yay!!) But for now, it’s just this: Pregnant, me. Hooray!

58 thoughts on “Announcement”

  1. YAY! So excited for you guys to become parents!
    Most women (myself included) feel much better in the 2nd trimester than the first…

  2. Busting out my ears with excitement! Congratulations to you and Kamel!

    And please believe I’m stopping by Claire’s desk first thing this am to congratulate/berate her for keeping this under wraps.

    Big hugs and kisses!

    1. I would have so much rather been at work to squeeeeeel than home almost unable to move with no working water all day (pipe burst) πŸ™‚ trust me!

  3. Yaaaay Í´will be aunt-grandma!!!! Congratulations….on sunday you told me, i went to buy her first gift for my baby jejeje Lauren and Flaco God bless you and love you very much!!!!
    Tia abuela Danny

  4. One million congrats to the both of you!!! This baby is going to have the most fun ever with you two as parents πŸ™‚

  5. OMG!!!
    I’m so happy, very very very very haaaaappy!!!
    Please, take care your self, i love you so much!!!
    Lots and lots of love for you and Kamel, see you on friday!!!!

  6. Hurrah! *throws confetti* What fantastic news πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    PS. Totally guessed after you listed “being able to spill the beans” as part of your Good Stuff post πŸ˜‰

  7. Mexican jumping beans??!!!!!
    Get as much sleep while the two of you still can cause once the little Perez-Dupuis Dupuis-Perez (???) is born, you will have the best exhausting, loving and full of amazement time of your Life! Sleepless nights won’t matter, as long as you can hold your beautiful healthy baby in your arms and just watch him or her breathe and sleep sweetly. No matter how many diapers to change, or feedings, or baths, or soft lullabies, what a joy! what a blessing! Your exciting journey of parenthood is already in motion… May you enjoy and treasure each moment. Besos y <3

  8. Reactions to the huge life news on blogs that you read regularly are so weird, aren’t they? I started reading your blog when we were both planning our weddings and I loved reading your posts about how crazy the whole thing is. Then, reading your wedding write-up I just found myself nodding along to the whole thing, you just got it spot-on.

    I often talk to my husband about your posts, about how funny they are and observant you are. I love your writing.

    And then this! I don’t know you at all, but I am so, so happy for you and your family. It’s wonderful. I will be reading along at every stage of your journey, keeping my fingers crossed that you’re both healthy and probably crying buckets when the baby’s born. Best of luck to you and Kamel. xxx

  9. I’m so very late on this but CONGRATULATIONS!
    Good luck on the first trimester sickness and general tiredness (that sounds quite terrifying!).

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