With Gusto

There are 47 days until we have to travel again. I’m swimming in at-home luxury. We are in the midst of finishing a major summer project (Photos to come soon. Yes!) and yesterday we woke up early, fell back asleep, then got up at 9:30 and went to find pancakes. It was glorious.

The weekend went like this:

Saturday morning time including egg sandwiches in bed then a furious do-mode of cleaning our sty of an apartment while we listened to Brandi Carlile. We spent the afternoon getting an oil change on the car, picking up art I’ve been carrying around in tubes for 5 years from the frame store, and buying snacks at Walgreens. Dinner was left over pizza and watching new movie trailers trying to find something we liked. Eventually we gave up and kept the previews rolling.

Sunday was a late morning with pancakes, Kamel project-ed like a mad man while I ran loads of laundry between catching up on e-mails and moving writerly things forward. We went on a long walk into the hills, down a road we had never been that reminded us of LA and Mulholland Drive. We ate a late lunch of fish and quinoa and watched Almost Famous.

This is heaven. I am in heaven. Unfortunately heaven means I have no good stories besides a hilarious late night conversation about the perfect recipe for deviled eggs. The necessary ingredient most leave out? The Answer: Gusto.

Sometimes the best adventures are the ones you have at home when you have nothing to do but occupy the couch and the neighborhood. I’m watching the eucalyptus trees flicking in the breeze and I’m thinking: Hot damn, this is amazing.

Two years ago I was working in a trailer and dealing with the public. After re-reading this I could not stop laughing. Oh man, the public, you slay me with your weirdness. For those of you who don’t know… here’s a little lesson on etiquette.

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  1. Those are the BEST weekends! Seriously, that sounds like the perfect weekend to me. And thats what my 5 days off for the 4th of July are going to look like as well! =D

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