Major Summer Project Number One: Makeover, Wall Edition

One of the major summer projects at Chez Duprez this year was to frame the G-D pictures. From All The Things, you might say. It started out as a completion of the nerd wall, and then we thought – while we’re at it we should probably put up some wedding photos, and then why stop there when we could custom frame the two pieces of art I’ve been lugging around in tubes for the last 7-10 years?!

The first time we showed off our new grown up living room, I was pretty stoked over lamps and Floyd. Since then we decided to do chuck the old photo-collage element and make some new ones. The nerd wall houses a Star Wars poster by Lawrence Noble, signed and doodled on (a yoda head) by Mr. Noble himself.

Then there are 4 limited edition prints of concept art from Jurassic Park signed by Crash McCreery (creature designer extraordinaire) and signed by Stan Winston (the amazing make-up/visual effects artist who passed away in 2008).

Kamel has the full collection, but we could only fit 4 and he’s been carrying them around from place to place since 2007ish.

Above the TV (our mantle, if you will), are two sections of photos. On the right are these 4 prints. Clockwise from top left: Wedding photos, Barcelona photo, Mexico City family photo, Honeymoon photo at Chitcha Nitza.

On the left are 9 instagrams we’ve printed and framed. These will rotate depending on our whims.

This is a sketch that Maris brought back from Paris many, many, many moons ago. I’ve moved it from Illinois, to Seattle, to San Francisco, to Seattle, and back to San Francisco. Finally we had it professionally framed and now it hangs out on the wall with all of the windows, above our red overstuffed chair.

We’ve finally dressed up the walls in our dining room as well, but this room cannot be unveiled quite yet. We are in the middle of switching it from the-place-we-put-all-of-our-mail-and-occasionally-eat-dinner to a shared office for Kamel and I. So for these, only the stuff on the walls are visible.

This sketch of Venus is probably one of my most prized possessions. It was the only expensive thing I bought for myself in Paris and I got it at the store in the Louvre. I almost lost it 3 times. First by leaving it under an ATM in Paris – a homeless man chased me down with it. Second in the Houston airport at the security check point because I was going to be late for my connection, and third in the Seattle airport in the lady’s bathroom, trying to transport it and a gift for my parents back home. And now finally it has a home.

This is one of my favorite wedding photos – the bridesmaids waving like goobers at the photographer.

Peeking out from a ginormous tree.

And this is one of our favorite wedding shots ever ever ever. Not posed, just walking down the stairs, heading back to the reception venue. We have never looked so accidentally glamorous, so we decided to make it gallery-sized.

I cannot wait to show you how the dining room/office turns out! But until then I’m really excited to have so much color and vibrant life moments splashed all over our walls. Major summer project number 1: Complete.

One year ago I was nearing the end of engagement and was entering the land of Wedding Do-Mode.

20 thoughts on “Major Summer Project Number One: Makeover, Wall Edition”

  1. Wooow ! I love it all… those dinosaurs drawings, the Botticelli (when I went to the Louvre with friends we made a list of the 1 thing we had to see and mine was this one, that I had in my room for so long )

    And the instagrams ! Plus your wedding + honeymoon + family + barcelona combo.
    And the bridesmaids, the yellow, green and tree is just perfect.
    Congratulations !

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Every single piece looks fantastic – the frames, the pictures/art, the memories, the way each piece is hung. And I still love Floyd.

  3. Oooooooooh love love love love love love it!!!!!

    I just cannot handle the awesome-ness and the accidental glamour!!

      1. Yes! Definitely do it! We are actually thinking of moving that installation to above our bed (the bedroom has only 1 pretty thing in it) and expanding it to 12 frames. Possibly. Maybe. đŸ™‚ It’s always evolving!

  4. Venus’ frame is exquisite. So perfect for the feminine print. I went through a framing spree a couple years ago, and I’m a couple years older than you. So… maybe it’s an age thing. Around this time you really crave getting some shit in order. While moving, I found a print of Vermeer’s View of Delft that I didn’t even remember having, so I get to have that framed as soon as we find a new apartment/house.

    1. THANK YOU FOR NOTICING!!! It cost us a pretty penny. But I have wanted a really lovely frame for it for YEARS so we splurged and got a good one. I want it to be something that I have even when I’m very old and kamel has died. (obviously this is the most likely scenario) haha

  5. I love this!! I especially love your instagram prints and have actually been thinking about doing the same thing for us. Now that I’ve seen yours, I’m definitely doing this.

    You’ve inspired me to print and frame more photos. We currently have a random collection of holiday shots hanging in various places and a few framed shots on top of shelves etc, but I want to make it better now đŸ™‚

  6. Um… are you two available for hire as picture-framers and -hangers? Because I need your help. I have so many pictures and art-bought-on-trips and sufficient wall space but so many things are sitting unframed in a pile or framed and hung but not in a very aesthetically pleasing way. J’adore what you’ve done with your living room.

    1. It was really easy this time around. Instead of doing one frame at a time, I just hung one and then used mathematics to chart out the entire wall! I measured, marked and put in all the nails first. Then I just hung everything up, and it all fit perfectly well. =) Amazing the things that stuck with me from school a long, long time ago.

      If you can’t, we do accept paypal to hang your photos.

  7. I keep trying to decide on a favourite section and can’t. (Although the picture of you going down the stairs might be it, because that is just phenom). The print from Maris is gorgeous, and I love how the frame works with the actual sketch.

  8. I SO need to go through our on-wall and on-shelf photos and art and completely re-do it.

    Perhaps when we pull the walls out of the study to re-insulate them and replace the rotting bits after water got in last winter…

    Coz I definitely need to show off some honeymoon and general holiday snaps, literally EVERYTHING in our lounge is still wedding at the moment, and its been over 18 months!

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