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Insta-Grammy Part 5

This has been one of the oddest summers ever. Coming off of a ridiculously busy winter and spring this summer feels like it’s going in slow-motion, and small things that I would normally power through now seem like insurmountable tasks. Like throwing the pool party we were so stoked on a few months ago. Yeah, that’s not going to happen. Working a barbecue? Too much preparation. Day trips around the bay area? Somehow it’s become impossible to get our butts in the car even when plan a weekend getaway.

Panda Express travel agency.

Evidence of our spicy watermelon obsession.

The joy of diner hot chocolate.

This means that a lot of our summer activities have revolved around food… or least that’s what I found when I was grabbing photos for this post this weekend. The noms of summer.

A very mad-hatter 4th of July tea-party in Old Town Sacramento.

Olive oil tasting.

Olive oil + America.

 This is the first summer I’ve had in years and years that has actually been warm. Living in San Francisco the summers are cold (COLD) and the falls are lovely and warm. October and November have some real gems while the rest of the country is bummed out over the impending chills of winter. But to have a hot summer? I finally feel like I live in California. And I’ve been here since 2007.

The Grill. Courtesy of Chamanda.

Evidence of the awkward hair grow out.

Sometimes you just need to dress like an Easter egg.

New Pool!

Oh! And our pool area was finally completed! I was worried that the neighbors would mess it all up and it would be a dirty garbage-filled junk heap in a matter of weekends, but it actually is holding up pretty well. Kamel went swimming the other weekend while I watched and waved at him from a lounge chair. There is just so much preparation that goes into swimming – the shaving and the self-pep-talk that yes i can put on a bathing suit and walk around in front of people. And then there is the massive amounts of sunscreen and I will inevitably miss a spot and regret it later. Plus the whole being wet thing. It’s awesome when you’re in the pool, but kind of a pain in the ass unless once you get home. Unless you’re on vacation. Basically… I’m a pool grouch. But lay out on a lounge chair listening to the splishy splash and get all snoozy by the heat of the sun in shorts and a t-shirt? This I can do.

Lauren Writing (I looks so teensy).

Pie Chart.

The Pinnacle of Noms.

And to round out the last few weeks of summer food-ing, Kamel met me downtown for lunch one day – something we have never done before. We had been dying to try Melt (Do you know Melt? the grilled cheese + soup place?) and it’s just two blocks from where I work. Kamel was super stoked to judge them – Top Chef Style – on their classic grilled cheese and tomato option. I had the jalapeno jack plus corn tortilla soup. Both were winners. My favorite part? I think they make their own pickles – very crunchy and home-made esque.

Two thumbs up.


  1. Where are those amaze-balls pants from??

    • They are Pilcro from Anth. I tried to find a link but they aren’t there anymore. Pilcro is my new favorite pants brand. They are the makers of my stretchy cord skinnies too.

      • Oooh yes! I have a pair of green jeans from them :) Might have to give their other styles a try, too…

  2. Olive oil tasting??? Who knew they even did those!

    • I was researching a trip to Italy this summer (not going until next – sob) and there are olive oil tastings just like wine tastings all over the place in Tuscany. This has me excited there may be tastings near me, or at least in SF if I make it there for a long weekend this summer/fall.

      Lauren, where did you taste olive oil?!!

      • Oh man! All through Napa and Sonoma there are olive oil tastings!! I bet if you looked it up on the googles you would get some solid hits. :)

    • Oh yes! At this place we could run around sampling all of the difference flavors of olive oil AND balsamic. It was really great. :)

  3. You and I are awkward hair grow out twins! (God, do not ever try to grow out a pixie cut. This is why people with pixie cuts mostly keep having their hair cut short again!) I think your hair is awkward-cute though 😀

    And I, too, LOVE the purple pants! Such a great colour 😀 love it.

    • Eliza!! ahhh!! Growing out the bob so soon?!

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