Independence Day

These are not our feet or our dog. This is Chad’s feet, the dog Sasha, and Amanda’s tootsies in the background. This is there back yard at their house in Sacramento, where Kamel and I were for the the 4th. There were patio chairs with cupholders, homemade guac, amazing gooey monkey bread, tunes, stories, puppies, and grilling. It was 95 degrees and I ate Fun Dip like I did when I was 10. Kamel had pop rocks. And we had excellent lazy company to waste the day with. Excellent.

This has been a sleepy internet week. The US went all topsy turvey because of a mid-week holiday, and we have not entirely recovered. People at work yesterday were bleary-eyed, asking about weekends that hadn’t happened yet, regretting staying up late to watch the fireworks when they still had to get up at the usual time to make the long slog to work in the AM. We waddled to our offices with food hangovers.

How is your summer going? Are you crossing thins off the “To do before it rains, gets cold and miserable, snows, and we all freeze to death” list? Ours is going pret-ty well. More on that next week.

Last year I was nearing the end of wedding planning and realizing it was all about the people. It still really is.

2 thoughts on “Independence Day”

  1. We had a pool party (a summer to do item from *last* summer) on the 4th and it was a blast!!

    We knew we were going to be busy this summer (best friends getting married) so I like that there has been a bit of urgency from the beginning to really think BIG for summer. Or at least not put off fun things we could be doing now!

  2. Umm….i am embarassed to say… that im fairly certain i am seeing this for the FIRST TIME! HOW how how did i miss this ridiculously adorbs pic of Sasha and perfect description of how our weekend was?!! And how has it already been a YEAR?!! AAHHH! I miss you guys to pieces. PS…i was looking back through your blogs for your posts about being preggo and keeping your identity for a friend. Incase you were wondering. Loves you <3

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