Didn’t See That Coming

Here I am again with another story of the wackadoo persuasion. I really do love the public, mostly because they are so unpredictable, even when they are mean or grumpy or crazy. They definitely keep me on my toes.

This weekend we had trained into the city for our staycation to not deal with parking. So, on Sunday we were standing around in the train station, clumped up with a bunch of people who were also waiting for the doors to the platform to open. Everyone was pretty close together and Kamel was being an idiot, as he sometimes is. He has the fatal flaw of speaking without thinking (something I am super guilty of as well, but for the sake of this story we will pretend I am, well, perfect). So, he says something stupid, and I’m tired and grumpy so I say: “Stop being a jerk. You are being a jerk and you need to cut it out.” Then he protests with something like, “Not I’m not! You just don’t understand me!” And then I say, “Did you say xyz? Are those the exact words that came out of your mouth? Then yes, I got you. And you are a jerk. Cut it out.”

And then! At total normal seeming, 20-something young woman who is carrying a duffle bag and wearing a skirt, flip flops, and jacket whips around and glares at Kamel. She says, “You are being a jerk. Stop it.” And I sort of laugh because haha! I win! and turn to Kamel and say, “SEE?!” And he sort of laughs and says, “hey!” and we are about to go on our merry way when the lady doesn’t turn back around. Instead she continues to glare at Kamel with eyes that could kill. Things become a leeetle awkward very quickly as we make failed attempts to banter and laugh the situation off.

She finally does turn back around and Kamel and I sort of give each other silent looks that say, “oh shit, we got in trouble,” when she whips around AGAIN. And now she is flicking her eyes back between Kamel and I with equal glaring fervor. This gets so awkward that I stop looking at her and start purposefully looking around the room trying to make her disappear. This is also when I realize that lady is probably nutso.

The glaring finally stops when the crowd begins to move forward to move through the doors to the platform. But then! She shocks me yet again but whipping around and addressing me. This is exactly how that short, intense, 1-sided conversation went:

“Be Careful. My Ex-boyfriend was a jerk. And then he raped me.

Cue to me, my eyes the size of saucers.

This is when I grabbed Kamel’s arm and made sure there was a sea of people between us and the crazy lady.

Kamel, bless his heart, very much wanted to assert that, “Hey! I’m her husband! And we’re TOTALLY FINE! I am not going to rape her!” But I thought it was best to let crazy be. Maybe she had gotten raped, maybe something traumatic had happened to her, but either way – lady has no boundaries and that means we have to put some up for her.

We spent the whole train ride home repeating back to each other: “And then he RAPED me? And then he raped me. What?! My boyfriend was a jerk and then he raped me. Not ass hole or abusive… no. My boyfriend… was a JERK…. and thenherapedme… that was so weird. Can you believe that actually happened?”

10 thoughts on “Didn’t See That Coming”

  1. Who knows what runs through crazy people’s minds. She obviously has some issues with the word “jerk”, although telling some complete stranger her rape story seems a biiiitttt over the top. Oh man. That’s the kind of story you tell people and they end up just as baffled as you did when it happened.

  2. Wow, sorry that happened to you.

    But I also feel super bad for that woman. Clearly “jerk” is a trigger word for her. I hope she gets the help she needs.

    1. Agreed. It’s totally nuts when strangers invite you into their crazy, but I’ve actually been in this woman’s shoes. Rape induced PTSD is a real thing that can make otherwise rational people do things like scream at strangers and assume they have some kind of secret knowledge about human relationships and reactions.

      1. I really hope this person WASN’T raped. This is my hope. And that she was having a crazy moment. But if she was and she was still having her own personal crazy moment, I want to make it clear that this was not by any means my take on a “rape joke”. It’s just one of those absurd human moments where things happen and you look around like, “WHAT?! Wait, WHAT?!”

        1. Don’t worry, I totally got where you were coming from. Whatever happened to this woman (you’re right, we really can’t know), your whole interaction with her is just so bizarre…to the point of being funny, even. I can see myself reacting the same way you did. And poor Kamel, being lumped in with the “jerk”!

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