Things, June

Painting my nails all kinds of different colors is making me very happy. I found a nail place just a few minutes from my house that does a solid manicure for 12 bucks. They have lots of color options. This week I have light light light green and hot red. It’s fabulous. Kamel says my nails have gone GaGa. I’ll take it.

I’m feel very self conscious about the writing this week. I want it to be so so so good. But I’m not living up to my own expectations. This happens sometimes and then I get frozen with “what do I write that doesn’t suck, what do I write that doesn’t suck, what do I write that doesn’t suck?!” and so on. I think it’s the new site. I’m not worthy. The writing has to reflect the awesomeness. Sigh. Sometimes I just want to ask you, what should I talk about today? What story would you like to hear? What can I do that you will be excited about? Sometimes I just have no idea.

We have entered into the consistently lazy summer. This is amazing. A fully lazy summer where all we do is all the normal things: Go to work, work hard, come home, cook stuff, work some more, sleep. This is so exciting. We have a countdown to the next time we have to travel. Right now we have 71 days until we go anywhere. I better come up with something to say pretty soon. 71 gloriously boring days ahead, and a lot of laying about is going to happen. That doesn’t translate well to bloggies.

My on-its-way-to-longer hair is ridiculous. It curls all weird at the ends, it poofs in places it shouldn’t. I blow dry in the morning and when I get to work it still just looks like I rolled out of bed and wandered into the office. I swear, I didn’t. I swear, I tried. Sigh. I want to pull my hair back every day but then I get these big hair horns and suddenly I’m in the 4th grade again, trying to grow my bangs out, and hating life at recess because of my giant hair wings. I’m holding strong. I have to get my hair cut again before we go to a big family thing in Mexico City in August (71 days!), but at least for the next month I’m chanting, “grow grow grow! stop looking so effing weird!”

I think I am a creature of the light. And not in the the pagan religion kind of way (though probably that as well). I wake up with the sun and I stay up later because the sun is out later. When I’d be struggling to keep awake at 9 pm in March, I am jumping around the house at 10:30 now. It is marvelous! I have been consistently waking up before my alarm this week. I want to kiss strangers and babies. I want to be a renegade and get less than 7 hours of sleep! Wahhoo! So many possibilities until October!

I’m starting to hate my work clothes. I wear the same thing every day. I cycle through the same boring pants, yes even the ones that are becoming see-through on the butt. My “new” jeans are now over a year old. Most of my work clothes all have something to do with the wintery months, or they are 2+ years old… yikes… realizing now more like 3+ years old. Yup. But I can’t bring myself to buy anything new. It feels frivolous and wasteful. Except I want to poke my eye out when I see myself in the mirror wearing the same black gap pants circa 2008 and that subtly sparkly holiday sweater that has no business being in June. Oh dilemmas.

So the crazy downstairs neighbor guy moved out officially while I was in Houston. It’s so quiet and normal again it’s like he never existed at all. Suddenly I can sleep in on Saturday without his crazy-town alarm going off at 7:00 am for no reason, no reason at all. I no longer have paranoia about finding him standing in my living room when I get back from the laundry room. I don’t wonder about the random articles of clothing piled up in the parking lot; the forgotten shoes, the hoodies, the long sleeved shirts. Because these things are no longer there anymore. We go about our day and we never even talk about him. It is marvelous.

One year ago I was talking about how the world broke open and we were waiting a little less. The things I thought were going to happen that day, didn’t exactly happen the way I thought. But all good things and hard things and surprising things none the less.

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    1. Well, happy with the exception of the work clothes … because I can totally commiserate there.

      I’ve found, what helps, is buyin just ONE new item every now and then. As in, in the past year I think I’ve purchased maybe 5 items (one of which hasn’t been worn bc it needs to be altered). But it makes a difference … I feel good when I put on the newish top, even when pared with an 8 year old skirt I wish I’d gotten rid of.

  1. Ohhhhh, yes. The boring work clothes cycle. I also had this happen up until recently when I FINALLY forced myself to wear afew other things in my closet that I hadn’t been wearing, and allowed myself to buy a few extra things to make it seem a little more exciting to get dressed some mornings. I would recommend thrift stores and resale shops and such. I don’t know how good they are or what the prices are like where you live, but I got several new shirts, a skirt and a new dress for less than $25 total. πŸ™‚

  2. 2 years old for work clothes does not deserve a ‘yikes’!

    I just had to throw out a top (well, cut it into rags, waste not want not), because it got a hole in it.

    I wore that top IN HIGH SCHOOL. I am now thirty. Now that’s a yikes!

    Two years old is nothing! I’d still consider them new πŸ™‚

  3. Oh, the work clothes. I’m not allowed to buy any because I should be quitting soon to move far, far away and then who knows how long until I have a jobbie again! I’m wearing summery, and inappropriate dresses, with cardigans and sensible shoes. They fit over my stomach which is the biggest it’s ever been. Hopefully I’ll lose weight out of boredom-induced exercise in the coming months, and then all of last year’s pencil skirts will fit again without a phantom baby belly.

  4. You know, you could host a let’s trade clothes party. You know the one, everyone brings their clean unwanted clothes of all types and then everyone else takes what they want! It’s a no cost win win and you can purge what you don’t want and gain a new treasure.

    You are freeeeee to all my lame work clothes I am sick of πŸ™‚

    Otherwise, my suggestion is heading to Ross/TJMaxx, I got most of my fancy work clothes there, I found a pair of The Limited dress pants for 15 dollars. I still consider it to be my best buy! Woo.

    1. Naked lady parties are so fun!

      The last one I went to everyone found fun stuff and there was lots o’ wine. We also sorted all the work appropriate leftovers and sent them to Dress for Success. New to you clothes + warm fuzzies = hell to the yes!

  5. Thanks for the clothing advice ladies! I’ve never been very good at the thrifting thing. But I think buying 1 thing every so often would help spice up the place a bit. πŸ™‚ I’m also excellent at shopping in my closet, but I like to keep my possessions to a minimum and end up cleaning the joint out frequently. Oh wardrobe! who you taunt me!

    1. I’ve had better luck at consignment shops then true thrifting/Goodwill. You pay slightly more ($14 vs $10 for pants) but you get the bonus of their good eye. I have a couple around Seattle if you’re interested for when you’re up here next. Let me know!

  6. I feel you on writing not living up to your expectations – that’s always been the hardest part for me. I get something done, return to it, and feel disgusted with myself. On good days, I’m able to rework it until it’s much better than before. On bad days, I putz around for a while and then give up for the day. I know a first draft is just a starting point, but my self editor is very strong these days – maybe I should have a drink!

  7. Oh, how I hate my work clothes. I buy new ones way too frequently because of it. Wearing the same things week, after week, after week just makes me feel blah in the mornings when I get dressed. I also feel like my work style is boring and more conservative than I’d like it to be but I don’t know how to make it more fun while still being office appropriate. I have been dying to find a good chunky necklace to wear with my work outfits. The chunky work necklace is my imagined silver bullet- it will suddenly make me love all my clothes, right?

    1. What are you thinking chunky necklace-wise (color, material, length, etc) and how much are you looking to spend?

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