The Good Stuff

Slow dancing with Kamel in the living room to Brandi Carlile while we pick up the apartment.

Being inspired by last month’s comments in The Good Stuff and buying peppermint soap!

Being woken up naturally by the lovely summer sunshine even at 530 in the morning.

Feeling good at my job.

Catching up on Greys Anatomy and crying my eyes out (as I do, every time).


Lemon scented lotion.

Avocados and watermelon and fresh lime and pickling cucumbers and brussel sprouts and the smell of fresh orange slices in the break room at work.

Manicures and bright polish options.

Hearing Kamel sing and chat to himself while he’s in the shower.

Evening walks in the sunshine.

Planning hypothetical beach trips to tropical destinations that we can’t afford nor do we have time for.

Finally not giving a shit about it, whatever it may be.

Clothes back from the drycleaners.

Ordering pizza for delivery.

Naps with the windows open.

Wearing leggings and a short dress to work and feeling really excellent.

What’s your Good Stuff right now?

A year ago I was showcasing my cheap Target summer wardrobe and this post still inspires me to zest up my wardrobe with things that don’t cost $100. Right now, as I type this, I’m wearing the pink dress. Ah yeah.

33 thoughts on “The Good Stuff”

  1. Seriously HOW amazing are target clothes?? 80% of my work wardrobe is from Target. Who has the money to spend $200 on fancy work pants that don’t look great anyway?

    1. I spend too much time and money on target clothes but man is it worth it! The only fail is when you find something super cute only to run into a close friend wearing the same outfit…..owell twinsies for the day!! 😀

  2. Slow dancing in the living room is the best. Blasting music while cleaning the house too.
    Baking !
    Trying new recipes and feeling all fancy having dinner at home (tried zucchini souffle the other day and it worked). Sunny days (the few we get). Flowers. Finding a new dress (but not the perfect jeans, why are jeans so hard ? ). Bunnies in the park.

  3. good stuffs:

    finally finding out last night, minutes before we were giving up on it, that yes, we are moving to New Mexico

    that my bangs are long enough to wear headbands finally (they’ve been growing out forever)

    three Old Navy summer dresses I’ve recently picked up

    baby zucchini – they are delish

  4. I am wearing the pink dress in royal blue to work today. I also have it in like 5 other colors. Dress buddies!

    As far as good stuff: having one of the greatest summers of my life, and it hasn’t even really started yet. Each day is fantastic and I really can’t believe it’s happening to me. 🙂

      1. This is totally a thing. We ALWAYS go “into town” together because it’s at least 120 miles round trip (closer to 200 if we go to Spokane or Missoula) so we BOTH have errands to run. So I never get to shop without Forrest…it’s weird.

  5. I recently discovered the joys of naps with the window open. It’s kinda the best.

    It’s also been dress season for me, and I’m quite enjoying it! Sort of overkill for my office, but what the heck!

    I’m adding:
    Days when I wake up and my hair is wavy enough that all I have to do is spruce it up a bit with a curling iron & feel baller!
    Going to the secondhand bookstore & having the owner genuinely pleased to see me & give me recommendations

  6. Going overboard at the Farmer’s Market that happens literally right outside my office building so I have extensive baking plans for the weekend, including, but not limited to: peach cobbler and strawberry rhubarb pie

    Buying fresh flowers at said Farmer’s Market that are now sitting in a vase on my desk

    Taking my laptop and workout DVD to the park, so I got my exercise and fresh air this morning

    Beating the traffic into work so I had time to stop for a bagel and lox for breakfast.

      1. Oh, it SO is. It started as a solution to my bf wanting to sleep past 5:30am while I tried out a certain set of infomercial workout DVDs…so instead of jumping around in the living room, I decided to take it outside.

        I LOVE working out outdoors, and I get to see the sunrise (well, it’s already up most mornings now, but a few weeks ago it wasn’t)

  7. Now I want to go out and buy bright polish and peppermint soap! My current happies: Morning pre-work coffee on my friends porch who is now my neighbor, watering the lawn we now have-spending too much time playing with the sprinkler to get it in just the right spot, finding out Im getting a promotion and will be an official salaried career woman by the end of the year 🙂

  8. I’ve also been waking up at 5:30 to the summer sunshine (we have an east-facing window!) and I ADORE it. In the winter I wake up with a light box, and now I don’t need it.

    My other good stuff includes using spearmint from my garden to make mojitos for my friends, eating fresh fruit, laying in the sunshine in my backyard, getting an interview for a possible career advancement, and — I have to steal another one of yours — naps with the windows open.

  9. Good stuff:

    – A snoring puppy conked out on the living room floor.

    – Crossing items off my To Do list instead of caving to procrastination. Progress.

    – Settling in with and finally feeling confident about the short haircut I got a couple weeks ago.

  10. Summer dresses! They are the best thing ever.

    Also on the happy list for the week:
    – Bunny’s convocation. Because watching my fiance kick ass is crazy cool.
    – Anti-gravity lounge chairs, for free.
    – Being allowed to use the kitchen again!
    – Bringing the cat up from the old apartment, so she’s not sad and lonely.
    – Visits from my brother
    – My MIL’s house full of babies. It’s hard to be in a bad mood around so many little cuties.

  11. Mine:

    – Fancy dinner from Osteria Coppa… in bed! Yay takeout!

    – Impromptu drinks with Lauren in the city via caltrain. No driving!

    – Catching a fallen Lauren for the 1,634nd time. 0 drops so far!

    – Retelling Prometheus to Lauren in it’s entirety.

    – iOS Beta 6 for me and sharing it with my coworkers!

    – Watermelon + Lime + salt + Cayenne (Beer optional)

    – Dinner at Mike Jutan’s!

    – Finally stating Diablo III and loving it.

  12. My new morning drive (to drop the baby off at daycare) which allows me to listen to 20 minutes of NPR in the morning.

    Said baby sleeping through the night for 2 nights in a row.

    Feeling good (and appreciated) at my job.

    Cool summer nights.

    The start of our CSA (and resultant yummies).

    Backyard kiddie pool.

    Awesome neighbors.

  13. Working hard.
    Fridays off
    Planting secret surprises and spreading the love.
    The sun setting after 9pm.
    Snuggling on the couch watching baseball.
    Biking under the trees.

  14. Fresh oranges … especially that first smell, while I’m peeling them.

    Watching 3 10-year-old girls eyes light up while discussing theatre.

    Extra reading time now that I’m taking the Metro every day.

    Learning a new-ish friend considers me an even closer friend than I realized or had thought to hope.

    The surge of love Pride brought to the district last week.

    Hearing about a friend’s long-awaited wedding plans.

    Kamel’s October countdown.

    I’m sure there are more, but that’s what comes to mind right now…

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  15. – excellent friends
    – people who are brave enough to reach out
    – getting a dog who is the snuggliest dog ever
    – clear blue winter skies
    – pink shoes

  16. This is really going to help me to stay positive today 🙂 Its also one of my favorite things on your blog!

    1. your blog
    2. going shopping in my closet and forgetting/finding that i have this really neat blue jumper thingy with super colorful beads around the boobs. yay boobs.
    3. a really really good stretch that makes my upper back crack in the exact way it needed to!
    4. lots and lots-o-tea
    5. a friend cancelling plans which gives me some alone time this weekend, a light at the end of the tunnel really, despite totally adoring that friend
    6. being able to “fix” a tape (the kind with brown shiny reel paper) by using paperclips, sticky tape, and laughter to put it abck together
    7. beer in the fridge
    8. buying a brown skinny belt online and splurging for the extra shipping so it can get here soooooner
    9. getting a just for fun call from my momma
    10. gchat, the life saver

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