Sometimes I wish I could know what it felt like to re-discover all of the good things in the world. I could skip the heart break and racism and selfishness and jealousy… but what if you could remember all of the awesome first times – like when you first spoke a real word and got what you wanted. Or the first time you read a book successfully, or the first time you swam in the ocean, touched grass on your bare feet,  tasted ice cream, held a puppy, or felt carbonation.

On this happy Friday, I bring to you: the first time this little guy discovers his shadow. (Note: the video is not available on mobile. Wah.)

What first would you like to experience all over again?

A year ago today Christy Tyler Photography was on the blog, showcasing Maris’s engagement photos! Now they are married (and waiting on pins and needles for their wedding photos by Seattle based photographers to come in!).

6 thoughts on “Shadow”

  1. If I could live just one moment over again, it would be the first time I read a book all on my own. Something about that felt powerful, like I was unlocking a key to the future and doing a grown up thing. Probably one of the best moments of childhood, right there.

  2. I wish I could re-read all of the Harry Potter books again! That experience of getting the most recent book and devouring it (while trying to hide it from Maddie) was something that I’ll never get back again… Or the first time I rode a bike. That made me feel pretty damn awesome and free.

  3. I remember the first time I read a book (The Foot Book!) by myself, and it was wonderful. I think if I got to re-live a first, though, it would be the first time I kissed Roger. That was pretty fabulous. (It’s still fabulous now, but less fraught with teenagerdom.)

  4. my littlest dog rediscovers his shadow every morning when I turn on the kitchen light to start the coffee. he sees his tag dangling from the collar of his shadow on the floor and no matter how hard he tries, he cannot get it. he is seriously puzzled every single morning and it never stops being hilarious. he lets out these frustrated huffs and grumbles. I should really film that sometime…

  5. I will never forget the first time that you went on a commercial airlines. We were on our way to Disneyland and sitting next to your mother, you were very excited. Excited so much that just as we took off from Seattle you turned to mom and asked, “is it o.k. if I cry”. Just overwhelming, wasn’t it. You cried a bit and then enjoyed the rest of the flight. It was only one of many firsts that we were able to enjoy with you.


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