Redesign: Ba-Bam!

A little reformatting, a little pizazz, a little custom art and layout was all rolled out yesterday and I could not be more thrilled. This has been months in the making and all of the brain storming, all of the ideas, the proofs, the tweaking was for a vision that’s even bigger than this blog. But more on that later. Here are some of the highlights:

  • I’m doing a Goods And Services re-boot. If you were once a button on my sidebar you can probably be again, but for now I’m going in a little bit of a different direction. Instead of promoting others, I’m going to be promoting myself for a little while. I know, I know… it sounds lame when I type it out loud, but I want to gain a larger community of voices. In the spirit of transparency don’t be surprised if you see a facebook ad with my logo on it. I’m definitely still interested in highlighting the working artist, so if you make something you’re proud of and would like to gain more exposure email me about it and we can talk details. For now though, my side bar is going to stay a little more naked.
  • I listened to many of your requests for a search function and made sure to include a search bar on the right hand side. Woo hoo! I always love a suggestion on how to make things easier and more efficient. If you so something else that isn’t working or is awkward to use, please let me know.
  • I really wanted to clean up the whole look and not have pages and pages and pages of scrolling. But I also hate having to expand a post every time just to get the full story, so the top post will always be fully expanded. If you miss a day, the full week’s posts will be directly underneath, as always, but now with a title and teaser. It makes for less scrolling and an overall cleaner feel.

Overall I’m really really excited about the future of Better In Real Life and taking a more polished look into different forms of media. (Eee! Coming soon!) And I’m so grateful to Chris, Scott, and Keriann for making this whole thing possible. I pretty much only do 2 things well. Web stuff and Art aren’t either of them. (Hint: write and edit.) Its takes a village, and I’m grateful every single day. I really hope you enjoy hanging out here even more now! Yay!

18 thoughts on “Redesign: Ba-Bam!”

  1. Nice and clean ! Congratulations! I saw your excitement yesterday on FB. 🙂
    And…. I do mean this with the best of intentions… would it be possible to make the middle column (where the post is) wider? In my humble opinion it would make it easier to read .
    Go Lauren ! (Cant wait to hear about your other projects).

      1. Well, I am at work and this screen is “smaller” (don’t know in inches). I will try at home then… cause it “seems” thinner than before but maybe it is just this computer.

      2. It’s looking a little thin on this end, too. Not sure if it’s a setting on my computer (I’m using IE, since I’m at work), but the main post is only about 10 words wide.

        I’m on a pretty large monitor, so I’ll check on it on the laptop at home.

        Beyond that … yay! Pretty! And double yay that it came from Scott & KeriAnn! I love it … it suits you so, so well. =)

        1. If your window is small then the text will move to fit into the window. Try to full expand it and the text should move with it. If it’s an old version of IE it may just not look awesome. IE on my comp looks totally fine. Same with firefox and chrome. Same on Kamel’s computer. Blahh! I wonder what the issue is.

          Also we are trying to add a comment counter to the bottom of posts… didn’t realize that wasn’t there until this morning. Whoops.

          1. The same small-column thing is happening for me. (I have a 22in widescreen monitor & I’m using IE 8 on a PC.) The text/column doesn’t move regardless of how big the IE window is.

            I love the new art!

  2. It looks great!
    One request- a previous/next button on individual posts. It’s not a big deal for me with your journal because I’m all caught up, but when I find new people to read, it kills so fast if I have to open a post, go back to the main, scroll down, open a post… It’s such a small thing but it makes such a huge difference.

  3. Love it! And congrats to you on the decision to promote yourself for a while 🙂 Not an easy thing to get oneself to do, for sure.

  4. Looks great, I like the colors! I noticed that is still redirecting to the “we’ll be back soon” page? Is that just me? I had to google you and click on the link to an actual post in order to see anything. Also I am not seeing any way to turn off the mobile theme. The text on the mobile theme is really narrow. Due to the wide blue border and the additional tan border, the text is only left with about 50% of the screen width on an already tiny screen. Normally I would never complain, but it really makes things hard to read. So narrower borders or at least a way to toggle to the desktop theme would be great. Other than that it looks awesome!

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