Real Life Conversations: The One Ring (Of Many… Probably)

Kamel was out of sorts all weekend. He was anxious and distracted and easily defensive. I didn’t know why until Monday. Kamel hasn’t been able to find his wedding ring since… Friday, he thought. But now it seems he can’t actually remember having it since last Monday.

He is distressed.

Me? I know we can buy another one, no problem. It’s cool. These things happen.

But Kamel has ripped the apartment open looking for this thing, all while I’ve been elsewhere. He finally came clean while we were at work yesterday, while I was doing my best to console him.

Kamel: But I don’t want to buy another, i want the OG
Kamel: =(
Kamel: I’ll be crushed.
Me: the OG?
Kamel: original
Me:  hahaha… you will not be crushed babaloo [rhyming nickname I have no excuse for other than it makes me laugh]
Kamel: I always assumed you’d lose yours first
Me: hahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahaha
Kamel: I didn’t even make it a year!
Me: We’ll find it! [note: so far, we haven’t.]
Me: =)
Kamel:  I’m gonna lose my hair, turn skinny, and wander lost looking for precious.

So, I think it actually happened. One of us lost our ring… and it wasn’t me! HaHaHaHa! Victory is mine!

One year ago I was realizing we went to Walgreens too much and I was having one of those Mondays

13 thoughts on “Real Life Conversations: The One Ring (Of Many… Probably)”

  1. Oh no! I’m always stressed about losing my ring, and I’m sure I would be pretty freaked out if I actually did. Best of luck finding it!

  2. You two are really funny. Tell K. to just forget about looking for it and it will pop up somewhere. They have a way of doing that. O.K.? Love you tons.

  3. That is so funny! I love that you guys have a good sense of humor about it 🙂 poor kamely!

    Also – the walgreens story is my favorite! it almost made me tear up a little bit!

  4. Ohhhh I would freak out so much. But you will find it, remember what Lavoisier said. (Matter can not be created or destroyed, just transformed).

  5. I think it’ll turn up!
    My husband lost his ring when he slipped on ice on our front porch and fell face (hands) first into a snow bank. We didn’t even realize that was the moment of loss until the snow melted in the spring and voilà!

  6. I love your reactions – poor Kamel! I am fully expecting Brian to lose his any time. The first few weeks he had it, he could not stop fiddling with it. He’d take it off in the middle of Home Depot and absent-mindedly start tossing it up and catching it, and one time he slapped it clear across the store (and *I* was the one hyperventilating about it).

    When I told a coworker about that, he said he’s on his third wedding ring (in 30 years) and that all men will lose their wedding ring at least once. Don’t fret, Kamel! It’s normal!

  7. I always tell Stephen not to mess with his ring and of course one day he was messing with it in the car and dropped it down the seat. He was all, Don’t say it, don’t say it! and I was an excellent wife (for once) and held my tongue while he spent 3 hours literally taking apart his car, including removing the two front seats (!! they were seriously completely removed and outside of the car when I came downstairs to check on him)before he found it. So…yeah.

  8. I actually lost my ring on Halloween… I was freaking out because I was at a party, and the next day I couldn’t find it and I was sure I lost it at the party. Turns out it fell off in the bed. I have no idea why my finger was so thin that it slipped right off in the sheets when on all other days it takes a tug. It was a pretty awful 2 hours searching for that thing…

    I hope y’all find it!

  9. *snicker* win!!

    I’d like to claim extra credit for not losing and not getting it (permanently) stuck on the wrong finger. I mess with it too much. Also we haven’t gotten wedding bands yet so PiC can’t lose one…

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