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I have holes in my pants. The newest jeans I own are 2+ years old. When I sit cross-legged at work I can see my thighs peeking out from the in-seams. Not classy. The only hot-weather items I own are the dresses I bought from Target for our honeymoon last year and I’ve pretty much been wearing the same thing every weekend (which isn’t so bad… it just starts to feel like pajamas) because this is the first real summer I’ve had in 5 years!

I need clothes. It’s driving me bonkers to be wearing the same old (OLD!) stuff every week and just not feeling fabulous. I got lucky because I worked a shit ton of overtime and double time last month and in my last paycheck I scored an extra 500 bucks (after taxes… womp). So yesterday I was all about the shopping. Kamel picked me up after work and we took off to an outdoor mall up north to shop till I dropped. On the list: Nordstrom, Anth, and Michael Stars because he is kind of layering/workable t-shirts.

I had a feeling things weren’t going to go well when Michael Stars was not at all what I expected. It was beachyx10000 up in there. Maxi dresses that were way overprized and ridiculously long, itty bitty tank tops or tunics with patterns way too mature for my youthful spirit. Everything was way more expensive than I remembered and all kind of one note: cotton, bright, beachy. Where were the textures? The poofy sleeves? The WHIMSY?! I got two v-neck t-shirts that are quality enough to wear to work and comfortable enough to wear on the weekends. Next stop: Anthropologie.

Anth is one of my happy places. I love it there. I wish my house looked just like a store, I would camp there if it wasn’t weird, my bedroom would be the dressing rooms. And! They were having a big sale. Score 2 points for me. Except… no. I was totally and completely uninspired! Money burning a whole in my pocket and uninterested in the overly-flowy options. The beachy-beading that has no place in my real life, the backless dresses that will show my bra, the overly sheer tunics that would look great with leggings if it weren’t for the see-through-ness. Grumble!!! I walked out without even trying anything on! It was that frustrating.

Nordstrom would save me though, right? I would find something and all would be well, I would buy jeans and a dress maybe (maybe something for our anniversary plans? A fancy dress? Maybe?!) and we would go home triumphant.

But no. Nordstrom was under construction and TBD, Savvy, and Point of View was all mixed up one tiny corner. The itmes they had were awful! It was either ridiculous Free People unwearable items or borderline swimwear! I tried on jeans but the people were not helpful and as I’m shimmy-ing into pair after pair I was no longer feelin’ it. The end. We left and went and had pizza.

Is every store between seasons right now? Is everything in utter shambles?! I’m still so bummed to not have anything new and pretty to play with today, nothing interesting or fresh to choose for work, nothing to figure out shoes for. Nada.

But this happens sometimes to me. Sometimes I’m all geared up for the hunt of shopping, I have the time and the money – and it’s just not my day. There is nothing to be done. No matter how many places you go, no matter how in shape you may be, no matter how much money you have – you are not going to find a thing. Talk about first world problems, I know, I know… but man! it sucks!

I know Claire’s had some major success in shopping lately – have you? What’s your favorite new item? I need to live vicariously (mope!).

One year ago I was in the middle of a Mad-Dash, recovering from the bachelorette party and ready to get married already!

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  1. Oh, I totally feel you. I need new jeans, I have 1 good pair , but they are way to skinny and though they look good I feel all squished like a sausage and it is not comfortable, so I don’t wear them often. All my other jeans are broken in the knees, or have paint stains here and there. The other day we went to search, at the Levis I actually tried the famous Curve ID, and they were all flattening on me, and stretchy, and even the straight and boot cut felt too tight. I did find a perfect dress and I am so happy , dresses make me crazy happy, this one is white with lilac, yellow, turquoise patterns and a boat neck and little sleeves.
    Good luck… maybe you’ll be luckier next time.

  2. I’m right there with you. I went to two different malls on Saturday and Sunday last weekend trying to find ONE thing… and tried on a million dresses and tops, felt through all sorts of materials, looked at a thousand price tags, and found…. nothing. Sigh. Someone needs to share their good-shopping-luck mojo with me.

  3. I’m with ya … none of my go-to stores have made me happy lately. Heck, the dress I’m wearing today (bought in a fit of “it’s too hot out to wear pants! must buy a dress now!”) … white cute enough … is not really something I’m feeling.

    As for jeans … the only real luck I’ve had lately (ready for this?) has been at Abercrombie. In there looking for a shirt for the sister, I noticed the jeans were on sale. And dear lord, they fit! And looked nice!

    Even that pair is 2 years old now, but at least I know where to go to get a replacement pair, right? Might be worth trying?

  4. I hate when shopping goes so poorly. πŸ™

    The “newest” items I have in my wardrobe are actually very very old. Jeans and khakis from about ten years ago (currently the only pants that I have that fit, so I have to love them.) But those almost don’t count.

    What does count would be the super awesome vintage ’60s sheath dress. Thrift stores (the good ones) make me happy. Beyond that, a super boring pink cardigan.

  5. I actually had weird success at a Dress Barn outlet, of all places, when shopping for a dress to wear to a wedding. It was a last ditch desperation bid after wearing out all of my standbys, and you could have knocked me over with a look.

    I hear you on this. Fingers crossed you find something soon!

  6. I’ve been having the World’s Worst Time finding jeans. I don’t like to pay a ton for them so I usually try to buy them at TJ Maxx. The only ones they had in my size last week were a pair of skinny Luckys. I think they were my size, the same size I buy in other Lucky cuts anyway, but I couldn’t find out because the knee part of the leg GOT STUCK on my CALF. Apparently I have capitol L Legs.

    After I was frustrated with jeans I went to Target to console myself with a maxi dress…and I had the opposite problem as you: they were all too short.

    I hate shopping.

  7. I managed to find a cute stripe-y dress at Banana Republic, & some nice shirts at PacSun, but I swear the 80s/early 90s madness has to stop. The neon and fringe and short shirts and utter gaudiness make me hurl a little, especially since I wasn’t allowed to wear that stuff the first time it came around. It IS really hard to find wearable clothes these days. I vote for originality, please.

  8. I’m so bored with my clothes but everything seems crazy expensive! I just can’t bring myself to spend $88 on a cotton skirt (I’m looking at you, Jenna Lyons).

    But, we all know I’m a hardcore prep, so I’ve had some luck lately with Lands End Canvas, their younger, hipper line. Just bought this dress and it’s dressier than the photo styling would lead you to believe.

    Finally, when in doubt, TJ Maxx!

  9. WHYYYY is it that when we have the money to spend, theres nothing to buy. But when you dont have money, and are penny pinching, cute shit EVERYWHERE! I shake my fist at the universe for you. My newest threads are some cute Ross finds! A cute flowy sleeveless shirt and my FAVE is a super comfy cotton, kind of stretchy skirt. I have one in dark gray that i found at Ross a while back (for $6.99!) that turned into being the first thing I wear after doing laundry. So I went back in hopes there were more, and got one in black! Winning! I always seem to have more luck finding a couple things here and there.

    1. Oh! I forgot about my recent Target finds! Peach and white crops and skinny jeans that I roll up into crops and shorts that are on the longer side that are that dark fancy denim that allows me to wear them to work. Anything thats comfy and that i can wear to work is the ultimate win.

  10. For some reason, Gap jeans ALWAYS work for me. Always. They wear out quicker than I’d like, but I think at $80 a pop my cost-per-wear is pretty reasonable. Curvy fit, and the latest pair was a pretty light denim, and not TOO terribly stretchy. Big win. Also, I found two adorable dresses at the Gap the same day.

  11. Usually I walk in and out of Express in exasperation, but I’ve been having some bizarre luck there lately — lots of cute things (especially dresses) behind the few garishly sequined things and hot pants

    I also suffer from not being able to find clothes and wearing things for too long because of it, especially because I don’t have a body that’s “fashionable” (I’m 5’3″ and wear a small or extra small on top, and a medium or large on the bottom, so the current fashion of blousy tops, skinny jeans, and maxi dresses just doesn’t work on me). So anyway, I feel your pain, as I too have spent many hours shopping without finding anything.

    Good luck and chin up!

  12. I bought two fabulous pairs of cheap jeans at JCPenney’s, of all places. I have a big butt and these fit perfectly, no gaping at the waist. They are called “perfect trousers” by St. John’s Bay and come in at least three colors – dark navy, light blue denim, and white. I left the front pockets sewn closed (they come that way) so as to not add width to my hips. LOVE them. Also sometimes score at Marshall’s. Found super cute printed tanks at Walmart last week!! I plan to hit Victoria’s Secret today to try on a crochet dress for my trip to Vegas, and maybe a sequined dress at Angl for the same purpose. Also, I sometimes find awesome jackets at the Salvation Army, but only when my spidey sense is tingling. GOOD LUCK.

  13. J Crew is having additional 30% off their sale items – I always buy enough to get free shipping and then take back whatever I don’t like. I think you maybe go to Sacramento sometimes? If so I always get my jeans at the Off 5th Ave outlet in Folsom which has stacks of designer jeans most of which you can usually get for under or around $100.

  14. Wow you guys, seeing where everyone shops and where everyone found their favorite new stuff is FASCINATING! Thank you so much for all of the good tips!

  15. I always have the same problem when I actually have money to spend (but see cute things everywhere when I don’t!). Target has definitely stepped it up this year and most of my dresses/shorts/tanks came from there. I’ve found I can get away with a bright summery tank under a crisp blazer for work (and, ta-da! transition into happy hour!). Forever 21 and H&M are always my go-to and haven’t let me down this year either, but you have to be in the search-through-racks frame of mind!

  16. You know, I go in and out of phases with stores. Right now I am in a gap phase. They have awesome vneck tshirts that I can wear to work. Dress up, wear cardigan over it, dress down, don’t on the weekend. πŸ™‚

    I also got some skinny jeans there and they did not stretch out too bad just enough to be comfy. (Buy a size down your norm though.)

    What else, I got a bunch of SUPER cute work appropriate sweaters 3/4th sleeves at Target. Seriously get one in every color.

    full on pink, grey with pink stripes (currently wearing), the purple blueish one online. Yes you’re welcome.

    What else… otherwise I have been getting work clothes at The Limited but not in a few months but worth checking out.

  17. I have either hit or miss luck at Target. I am a clearance rack shopper and have found some awesome things there in the past. I am currently on the look out for a striped blazer. I want one so bad, but refuse to pay $50 for one. I wear dresses all year. When it’s cold I add tights, and a blazer or cardigan. I work in an accountant’s office and have to be professional even when it’s 85 degrees at my desk because the ac is broken. Sigh. Pants are my nemesis so I can’t help you there. However JC Penny has had a surprisingly good stock of clothes recently. I found so many cute and appropriate work dresses that I had to limit myself on what I really needed. I mean, I may *think* i need 15 polka dot dresses, but I guess I don’t really….however my new navy blue and white polka dot dress from Marshall’s was a score for $15! It’s sleveless but covers my back tattoo so it’s office appropriate, and I can totally rock it with boots and a blazer when it gets cold again. Yea!

  18. Yay, Target! I’ve bought several casual dresses there for summer. I’ve actually had really good luck this last year at Macy’s – I used to always find it was too older woman/soccer mom or teeny bopper. But there’s a section that has a few brands that are great for us 20-30somethings – Bar III and Kensie are my favorite for dresses and fun tops.

  19. 1. I browse the petite fashion blogs all the time in case there’s something inspirational I could see myself trying to mimic without looking like a total doof or a fraud. And they post sales so I can follow them like a little duckling when that actually happens. I also do Kate’s buy-enough-for-free-ship and then return everything that doesn’t fit or seem like it’s alterable for a reasonable price (almost everything). If I’m lucky, I end up with one thing I can keep. Most times, everything goes back. BUT, it keeps one thing coming in once in a long while.

    2. I let the money accumulate for clothes. So that I can do the above whenever I need to. Since the time HAS to be right, depending on the sales, the seasons, the stores, the energy, the flow of the zen, I may as well not assume count on that coordinating exactly when the money sploorches into my account. Hoping you manage to find your pants now, but if nothing else comes up, set this money aside for when the best thing EVER comes along. Then buy it! πŸ™‚

  20. I’ve finally found my go-to stores!

    In Canada:
    * Jacob for dresses, tops, and cardigans.
    * Ricki’s for button-up tops. (At any other store, the buttons are spaced too far apart around the chest. Yes, this is a problem.)
    In the States:
    * Nordstrom for jeans (I wear a 24 and nowhere else can I find ones that are actually a 24 and fit. Stupid country.)
    * Loft for pretty much everything other than jeans. If you get stuff on sale, I’ve found skirts and tops for $20-30 apiece, which isn’t bad.

    *Sometimes* I can find stuff at Banana Republic, but their button-up tops so do not fit. I love Banana Republic and Loft because they have petite sizes in the store. That is beyond awesome.

    I’ve pretty much stopped buying shorts because they’re impossible to fit. Skirts are easier and jeans I have a go-to store for.

    I bought some super cute new dresses from Jacob in my last trip to Canada and *finally* replaced my black cardigan from 2004 that was all wool and itchy. And I’ve bought an excellent Loft skirt in a couple different colours πŸ˜€

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