Insta-Grammy Part 4

Sometimes we make plans for the weekend and I think: That’s going to make a great blog post! And then we end up sitting around and renting movies. And that’s usually when I have a 4 day blog week.

The Perfect Climbing Tree

With this long stretch of no-travel, we have become lax in our normal activities like keeping the living room picked up and not running out of underwear. We have nowhere to go! Why waste a perfectly lovely Saturday of nothingness with chores?

Avacado + Cukes + Chili Powder + Lime

The Hooded Man

Zee Hair, It Grows

The summer is moving so fast. I hate how the longest day of the year is in June. It should be in July, right in the middle of it all, like being balanced on the tip of something, the pointy center. It all comes and goes so quickly. Before I’ve even gotten used to the change we’re already headed for the descent. It always makes me feel like I missed something. What? The longest day of the year is here already? No! I’m not ready yet!

Sunburst through a sprinkler

Another strange thing about summer time, and when I say strange I mean incredibly sad – I’ve noticed a lot more homeless women with little kids in strollers begging for money downtown. Being downtown everyday you get used to the usuals, you get used to the young kids who are angry and hate you and scream at you when you don’t give them cash, and the obviously mentally ill who make me suck air through my teeth and wish there was some way to help them. There are the drug addicts and the alcoholics. And now, just in the last few weeks there are the moms.

Our Never-ending Love Affair With Watermelon


The Heat. We Melted.

I don’t know what to say about the moms. I don’t know why there are suddenly this new (yet not new) demographic with signs and pleas, “Please, ma’am… We’re in a woman’s shelter. Please can you spare some money?” And I see business men and hipsters going into Walgreens and handing over a bag of stuff. Or McDonalds and handing over lunch – not leftovers, the real deal. And I like that, but I would like it better if they weren’t there at all.

Pink Dress

When I bake, Kamel is obsessed with the reflection shot.

Other things of summer that don’t involve heart-breaking homeless moms: I finally went to Target this weekend and got some cheap weekend clothes that could maybe even transition into work dresses if the weather is hot enough in the city. Target can be so hit or miss depending on the store. I feel like last summer the selection was better, but 2 dresses and a skirt later I no longer have to wear the same 2 dresses every Saturday and Sunday.

From The Train

I’m obsessing over roasted summer squash. We made pizza with it last week, this week I think I’m going to toss it with Quinoa or polenta or spaghetti and olive oil and walnuts. What are your summer foods this month? (Besides watermelon. We eat that multiple times a week and the other weekend I ate an entire watermelon (so did Kamel) in one day. And we were very sloshy after that.) What are your secret noms?

Almost Real.

All Alone.

“Pick A Color”

I’ve been keeping up with my fun manicures for 14 dollars! This week is cream on all fingers and then “Your Villa or Mine” on my pointers. It’s a true pink with a little bit of shine. I toned it down this week, I was feeling a bit more gentle. (I also rocked a pedicure in Chihuahua.)

Stubby pedicured toes.

And just because it’s the most summer thing imaginable (besides slip and slides, of course), I give you: Yesterday’s Food Trucks

Noms On The Go

Two years ago I was obsessing over escape and had a bad case of ants in my pants.

10 thoughts on “Insta-Grammy Part 4”

  1. grilled steak for tacos. grilled chicken skewers with honey, lime and cilantro. grilled veggie kabobs. crunchy bell peppers and hummus. avocado on everrryyything.

  2. I have never bought a watermelon yet after reading your posts I want one. How does one successfully pick out a good one? What should I be looking for?

    1. Picking out a good one is easy!

      First, dark green ones are sweeter than light green ones, that’s a personal preference.

      Second, look for symmetry. It’s okay if it’s not a perfect sphere, but make sure if it has bumps, that they are the same on both sides. Asymmetrical ones mean they’ve been bumped and bruised.

      Third, look for the light colored patch on them and look for one of two things:
      – They should only have one patch. Multiple patches means it was moved around a lot while growing.
      – Make sure that patch is bright yellow. A green patch means it’s not ready, a white patch means its too old. Bright yellow is noms.

      Finally, once you found a symmetrical, single bright yellow patched one, give it a good scratch. If the skin looks brighter and moist you’re gold.

      Hope that helps!

  3. 1. I still have not had watermelon yes this summer, but your continued obsession keeps reminding me.

    2. I love these posts. Even though I follow you on Instagram somehow there is always a photo (or two) in these posts that I somehow missed. Lovely.

    1. 1.) TRAGEDY MARGARET! Tragedy that you are not rolling in watermelon with salt and lime (and cayenne)!!
      2.) I’m glad it doesn’t bore you. They are one of my favorite posts to put together. haha. 🙂

  4. I want that cucumber avocado chili salad.
    And I am also obsessed with zuchini. My favorite summer fruit are raspberries… but they are sooo expensive.

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