Insta-Grammy Part 3

Last week was all about catch-up catch-up catch-up. Every morning I was always surprised to find something clean to wear in my closet. Past Lauren must have hooked future Lauren up. Our house has grown into disarray – as is typical when you miss two weekends in a row and then leave for business for a week. Last week went by in a bit of a daze, a haze, a wonder.

Watching the return trip.
Waiting behind security.

We ate a lot of watermelon and drankΒ  beer in the evenings. We marveled at not having to plan a trip for two months. It doesn’t seem real that we get this much time at home, in our own bed, without spending nights making packing lists and wondering how to fit it all in one bag. What shoes are we bringing? How is it all going to work?

“I look like a fat baby in that picture”
Put the lime in the coconut and mix it altogether.

Last weekend was the weekend of internet meetups! I finally got to meet the remarkable Revanche from A Gai Shan Life. She is one powerful and fascinating lady. And then I spent an afternoon drinking beer and story telling with Kinzie and Donnie – the honeymooning duo! Kamel decided that they should be our new neighbors downstairs now that the crazy guy has vamoosed. They are the kind of people you want at every Sunday barbecue ever to be had.

We have black squirrels in our neighborhood.
SF Caltrain Station
Laundry room, Monday, after work. Be there or be square (and without socks).

Why are summers always so short? The winter stretches on and on. It comes early and it stays late. But summer seems to be just one great sunny afternoon and that’s it.

Just barely.
The whistling culprit.
Nothing to do and nowhere to go. The Elvis.

There’s something especially sweet about being able to work hard leisurely. I like a frantic pace every now and again, it gives me a good jolt of adrenaline, a good ass kicking. But the feeling of productivity, on a warm day, where all you have to do is this and you’re doing it, that’s golden.

Wearing pajamas to work.
The best bagel ever made. (Just add cream cheese + cucumber)
My favorite view.

Slowing down is underrated. I’ve never appreciated a to do list with less than 5 things on it as much as I do now.

From Treasure Island
Box of light
“What I see when I wake up every day.”

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9 thoughts on “Insta-Grammy Part 3”

  1. I am officially addicted to your Insta-Grammy posts. I cant get enough of them. And im sad when i get to the last picture. And lucky Kamel for getting to wake up to one hot mama everyday! =D

  2. Oh shush you. I LOVE the behind the scenes wedding photography shots you post. They are always sooo cool.

    And Kinzie is the bestest. I knew her husband in college also! We had a writing class together. πŸ™‚

  3. Hai! I’m plotting our next get-together where I will not gab so much πŸ˜€

    Also, black squirrels plural, as in they are normal in your neighborhood?? <3 the photo montage.

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