Friday Video: It’s a Two-fer!

Oh man, I am in a happy Friday kinda mood today. I want to dance around with my headphones on, give everyone a high five, sing in the shower, etc etc etc. And I think it has something to do with these videos.

First, it’s a little “Happy Father’s Day” Edition because Dad’s are awesome. They are. They don’t get enough credit. When they act their part everyone is SHOCKED, but you know what? There are a lot of dad’s doin’ there thing, driving the carpool, rockin’ the splash pad, etc. I love it. And this (I swear) will make your DAY!)

And then! Because 1) I love how The Roots never really take themselves that seriously and it makes me love them EVEN MORE. 2) Carly Rae Jepsen can actually sing! Like a singer! It’s not auto tune and she is playing a triangle! Yes! and 3) Jimmy Fallon knows all the words. And that my friends, is a feel good situation. (Sorry for the inevitable cheery song that is going to be stuck in your head. Call me maybe?)

One year ago I wrote my final post on being engaged and it’s all about choice. (So many choices!!)

17 thoughts on “Friday Video: It’s a Two-fer!”

  1. Lauren, I hardly ever watch videos on blogs since I tend to read them at work (I know, right?) but I watched both of these today and you are totally awesome for sharing them. They’re both super wonderful fun and really did make my day! Thanks for the the yummy!

    1. You know… honestly? I click on videos on blogs about 1% of the time. Most of the time I’m just not interested. So when I post things here I always make sure it’s something worth grabbing my stranger-neighbor on the train and go “Look look look!” πŸ™‚ I’m glad it was worth it for you!!

  2. Oh man, I lost it halfway through the Dad video. The Aladdin bit? HYSTERICAL. And oh so awesome.

    Also … it’s a turtle!

    As for the second one … yes. To everything you said. That is all. =)

  3. Bahahaha, both of these were great, although — not gonna lie — Dad Life was high-larious!! Still, I’ve decided that I need a multicolored xylophone in my life. And perhaps a kazoo.

  4. OMG. This is so not my musical genre. I have overheard talk of this “call me maybe” and had no idea what people were talking about. It’s so damn cute though. I’m downloading it for workout purposes!

  5. I love both these videos! I really like that Carly Rae seems to genuinely pumped that Jimmy Fallon and the Roots are doing her song throughout the whole thing and loving life. It also helps that I cannot get enough of that damn song.

    As for dads, I just saw this video, which is a totally different tone, but is about dads being awesome doing their thing too (also, it’s a commercial, but a GOOD one):

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