Food-ing With Flo: Gingersnaps! (Part I)

I’m just going to tell you straight up that this is (yet) another example of me thinking I read the whole recipe/I read a good 3/4 the recipe and thought I had it all under control when I kind of … didn’t. They are cookies! How complicated can they be? I have all of the ingredients this time! And cookie sheets! So I’m good right?

I pre-measured everything this time, as I do most of the time, and it really cut down on my running back and forth to the computer screen to check on Smitten’s recipe. I still did because I’m a second-guesser, but it was a lot less frantic.

(Please ignore the old lady hands, yes they are mine.) Although, every single time I bake I always forget to think ahead and take out the butter and leave it on the counter. So even though I “warmed” them on top of my pre-heating stove, they were still hard as hell and has me poking at the mixer with a wooden spoon again and again and again and again. “Smooth and creaming” it was not. Well blended with flex of butter distributed throughout, yes.

I have never worked with molasses before this moment. And did you know… Molasses tastes terrible by itself. It is not sweet and noms-y, it is … gross. I made Kamel try it. I have no first hand knowledge of this except for the look on his face. Also it’s made of sugar beets and some other stuff… so not what I thought. I can’t believe there isn’t a molasses tree. You’d think!

(Imagine it’s the 1700s … or something… and it’s time to take your medicine! Ha chacha Molasses!)

So by this time everything is hummin’ a long. It’s almost 8:30, Kamel will have freshed baked Gingersnaps to take to work for Thursday, I totally got this, etc.

My hair is insane you guys. It is ragged and lame-o and sticks out at weird angles and in this picture I look like I’m gnawing on the wooden spoon like a primitive human. But the gingersnap batter? with all of it’s butter gingery goodness? ZOMGSOGOOD. This is right before I realize that 1) The next step of the recipe calls for me to wrap the dough in plastic wrap – which we do not have and 2) requires the dough to chill for 2 or more hours.

I may be able to cram a lot of things in my day, but I am one tired mother effer. And staying up until 11 pm baking cookies is really just not my thing. So I decided to wing it with the cookie dough and stick it on a plate and cover it in foil. That will work right?

I’m not actually sure if it will work… because I was also supposed to get up at 5:30 am today and finish the cookies and the post. But guess what? Baking as the sun is peeking up over the trees is also really not my thing either. I hate to keep you in gingersnap-suspense, but tomorrow!! Tomorrow I’ll let you know if they actually turned out, if I was able to peel the dough off the plate, how it went while I rolled tiny balls of cookie dough and placed them two inches a part, and! if the cookies ended up melting together in the oven to form a giant bubbling gingersnap monster. All things are possible. (Noms, the dough may not make it that long.)

Two years ago Kamel and I were officially moving in together and we had just signed a lease on our first joint apartment (later to be known as the shoe box filled with ants, but let’s just allow past Lauren to enjoy this moment for a nano-second, shall we?). The pictures are trapped on the old blogger platform, but you get the idea. Let the words be your guide my friends!

7 thoughts on “Food-ing With Flo: Gingersnaps! (Part I)”

  1. I hate when I don’t read ahead in a recipe and find out I have to chill something for longer than my patience will allow. You are a better woman than I. I would have stuck it in the freezer for 20 minutes and called it done. I mean, if the dough is delicious the cookies will be delicious no matter what they look like when they come out, right? I hope they come out looking great though. And whatever is stuck to the plate just means you get to eat it while you wait for fresh baked cookies. Total win/win!

    1. “I hate when I don’t read ahead in a recipe and find out I have to chill something for longer than my patience will allow.”


  2. Ok, so I made BOTH of those mistakes the first time I made that recipe, and they turned out pretty great still. I’m sure yours will turn out awesome.

  3. Yummy, I love ginger. I am curious about the result though I am quite sure they will turn out fine… I think chilling the dough is only necessary to make the dough easier to work with… but I am no expert heh.

    1. Because it has so much butter they will turn into a messy blob if they don’t go into the oven hard. It’s the same concept when you make shortbread or sandies i believe. 🙂

  4. Chop the butter into small squares! Makes it heaps easier to beat it, even if it’s a little hard 🙂 Also, I zap my chopped butter in the microwave for 30sec to soften it if I’ve forgotten to take it out.

  5. “thinking I read the whole recipe/I read a good 3/4 the recipe and thought I had it all under control when I kind of … didn’t.”

    Um. Yeah. I totally THATed my chicken pot pie this week. I skimmed the recipe. Didn’t even *bother* to check on all my ingredients first before I started cooking. Then realized partway through that I hadn’t defrosted the pastry crust *the night before in the fridge*. The impromptu defrosting method I used? Mmmmhhhmm. Que disastre!

    Cue horror show screaming and the goldurn ugliest pie crust you ain’t never seen. Tsk. Ah well, I only really screwed up 3 parts of the essential recipe and it’s actually still good. Heh.

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