Food-ing With Flo: Awww (Ginger)Snap! Part II

Last night, after slogging through some major fiction edits with Margaret, I dove back into the snaps of the ginger. Behold my attempt at chilling the dough without plastic wrap:

Some of the top layer of the dough had dried out a bit because it wasn’t exactly air tight. I think that if I would have let it sit in the fridge any longer the cookies may have come out tough. I rolled the dough in my hands making perfect little balls and warming them up a bit (yes yes, balls…) and I think that helped a little.

One of the reasons I love gingersnaps so much is because they are always perfectly round, and they are a smaller cookie … so I can eat even more of them.

Minus the time consuming part, cookies in general are really easy, and these may have been even easier because there wasn’t the extra step of chocolate chips or rolling them in cinnamon and sugar. Lots of spices, mix, chill, roll, bake.

And I was pumped to see that this recipe makes a shit ton of cookies. Like… a surprising surprising amount. And! (Drum roll please) They actually tasted delicious. I would prefer a little more ginger because I like things a little on the spicy side, so if you attempt the smitten recipe and are like me, you can definitely up the spices or follow her suggestions on a gingery-er snap and the cookies will still turn out amazing.

Friday cookie success! Kamel’s workplace will be rolling in cookies today.

On this day 1 year ago I was making something a leeeetle healthier. My first attempt at home-roasted beets! Photos and cooking by me.

7 thoughts on “Food-ing With Flo: Awww (Ginger)Snap! Part II”

  1. Wow, I am impressed your cookies turned out perfect.
    Also, Kamel, I love all your photos here, Lauren’s foot (with a tattoo that I didn’t know… ), oven window, cookies chilling , Lauren showing the final result , and forming the dough balls.
    Now I want to make some cookies , and thanks for the reminder that I need some plastic film

  2. We need to set up food drops. πŸ˜‰

    They look *great*. I so <3 Smitten Kitchen, even if I have to modify some of those recipes, squinty-eyed with anxiety hoping that it's not going to be the ruination of all.

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