Crossing It Off The List

I’m having trouble coming up with what to write about today. This is not something you care about. It’s not something I care about. But there it is, staring straight at me. What to write about today. I had a weekend, you’d think I’d done stuff. And I did! But, really? It wasn’t story worthy.

It was hot on Saturday. Really really hot. Some people on Facebook and Elissa on twitter said I shouldn’t whine about it. But 95 degrees is miserable anywhere you live, especially miserable without AC. It made Kamel and I really grumpy and really sweaty and made normal tasks, like walking down the street, feel like the worst ideas ever. Also wearing pants. Pants became a torture. We laid on the floor in our living room instead of on the our little leather sweat-mobile couch. We couldn’t sleep, our knee pits sweated, and we took pictures of our thermostat in our apartment totally maxed out at passed 90 degrees. We moaned about how hot we were out loud to each other. We avoided skin on skin contact.  We ate two entire watermelons. We heard the water swishing around in our stomachs every time we shifted.

And! The most exciting thing of our entire weekend was our framing-purchasing, photo-printing, custom-ordering of (1) the wedding photos we finally decided on getting printed (a year later), (2) framing rare movie art Kamel has from Jurassic Park, and (3) finally finally finally having the print I bought at the Louvre of Venus and a sketch Maris brought back for me from Paris matted and framed. It was an expensive little weekend but we can cross major items off our summer to-do list. I can’t wait to show you the finished project!

We also spent a lot of time brain storming on how to make our house and life more efficient. And the first plan of action is to create a real work space that does not involve sitting in the living room with the TV on in the background. It also involves taking risks and putting my nose to the grindstone, but neither of those things are particularly thrilling.

And now it’s Monday and I got up at 530 and I worked out and will soon be heading off to work. Operation stay productive even in the face of mountains of laundry continues.

How was your weekend? What’s on tap for this week? What have you crossed off your summer to do list?

6 thoughts on “Crossing It Off The List”

  1. I took Friday off and had a lovely weekend playing tour guide in Seattle: biking, Golden Gardens, Solstice parade. But now it’s Monday and I’m going back to a pile of work and the same unsolved issues from last week and, well, ugh.

    I’d much rather be working my way through the wine section of the grocery store in anticipation of the incoming asteroid.

  2. Your weekend sounds lovely 🙂 I loved hearing the mundane bits of your weekend, especially the watermelon (despite wanting to stay far far away from it). I love it!

    Summer List: I signed up for a Ballet Class – incorporating more dance into my life (which makes me un-necessarily happy) is something I’ve been trying to do for, probably years – so I bucked up and shelled out the moolah for a two month weekly class with a friend through the experimental college at UW. I’m absolutely thrilled.

    The weekend was full of DOING – but I feel pretty proud of climbing Little Si Mt (the sweats!) and making my dad laugh with the best fathers day card evah. But like Liz said, monday came and I would rather be scouring the wine and laying in my bed instead of going out in the rain to sit at a computer. Blah.

  3. Saturday morning I got to drive down to LA to visit my student who is still at the Children’s Hospital. It was my est visit yet! She was awake & is slowly returning back to her sarcastic & saucy little 6 yr old self. Also, she made me a bracelet which I will probably treasure forever & ever.

    Sunday I crossed ‘hair treatment’ off of my Figure Out How to Take Care of Yourself To-Do List. A hot oil & honey treatment that was easy but appears to have been ineffective…

    Also, 95 degrees is gross. Complain as you wish!

  4. Yay for framing pictures/artwork/wall decor. Nothing makes a place feel quite so lived in and properly mine as having my wall art properly displayed, because that’s usually one of the last things to happen.

    This weekend was Moving Weekend, part 1. So many drives with my fiance from our (old) place in Toronto to our moms’ street moving crap into both our momma’s garages, and basements. So much packing!

    This week will be filled with continued moving, and job searches, lots of reading, and research.

    Big project for the summer? Find somewhere to live in our old hometown that’s not my mother’s basement. Because we love having homes opened to us, and the family help … but we miss our private space. And find a job here. That’s important.

  5. I totally want to see that Jurassic Park movie art!
    (in college, 95% of my paleontology class was there because we loved Jurassic Park so much when it came out… yeah…)

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