A Girl Who Reads

I’m still playing a bit of catch up after my week in Houston and my weekend of sleeping (So much sleeping! Even when I didn’t want to!), but I saw this on Saturday and it pretty much warmed my Outlander-accent-loving, book-a-week-reading heart. So here goes:

Sometimes when Kamel tells me I’m pretty or he likes something about my physical self, I remind him that I’m going to be old, saggy, and veiny when I get old. And probably hairier too. Most definitely hairier. And is he ok with that? This hot piece of ass isn’t going to last forever, my friend. He always says he’s fine with whatever. Lost limbs included.

1 year ago I was squeeing over custom books by ReadWriteBooks.

4 thoughts on “A Girl Who Reads”

  1. This!! Where did you find this? His accent makes the whole things even better than it already is 🙂

    ps: Kamel wins. Girls who read!

  2. Setting expectations 101! 😀
    This is my excuse for not brushing my hair on the weekends. “what? It’s only going to go downhill from here.”
    Makes me look extra good on the weekdays with minimal effort. Or is that *lowering expectations*?

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