The Good Stuff

The lovely sunshine-y and warm weather we’ve had for the last few weeks and that it’s continuing in the 10 day forecast as well.

Having lovely friends in from out of town (Margaret! and Jeff!) and staying up on a school not just to share stories (a lot of them about our crazy neighbor… power in numbers, folks).

Clean sheets and freshly scrubbed bathrooms.

Perfectly roasted and seasoned broccoli.

Fresh guacamole.

Purple pants.

Listening to old Death Cab at work and being transported back to college, the angst, the smell of grass and dirt and sun on asphalt, the quad, my bedroom, and neighborhoods with cracked sidewalks because of big trees.

Having memories that aren’t so nice, and knowing that they are memories only.

Pulling the whites from the dryer and finding out that all the socks match. No stragglers found here.

Obama finally admitting that he thinks gay marriage should be legal, duh. (Even if he had to talk for 20 minutes’ and ho hum around the subject… we all knew he thought it the whole time.)

The continued hum of a busy life.

Weekends of sleeping and reading and long walks. Even if they don’t happen very often, when they do I suck up all the goodness and store it for later.

What are your good things? Tell me your happies.

26 thoughts on “The Good Stuff”

  1. So, you had broccoli success? Yay!

    I enjoy:
    -The colors yellow and orange, especially in clothes.
    -Skirts and dresses that swish.
    -Roast chicken with crispy, browned skin.
    -Indian buffets for lunch. Thinking I can’t fit in another mouthful of anything, but having the masala tea anyway.
    -Carrots with the tops still attached.
    -Heirloom tomato salads.
    -The sound of rain, especially muggy summer rain.
    -Dry heat. Most likely moving to New Mexico this summer = yay!
    -The desert.
    -Really good books with sentences that make my heart hurt.

      1. One of my favorite things is cooking roast chicken on a Sunday night. My skin could be crispier, but I’m working on my process!

    1. How could I leave off:
      -Spain. Tapas. Spanish wine. Majorca, and its oranges.
      -Greek islands that aren’t Santorini or Mykonos, i.e., Naxos – the only other one I’ve been to. Eggplants. Whole fish.

  2. This post made me so happy, because your happies are so perfect and it made me think about MY happies:

    -Freshly-made sunflower garlic salad dressing (which, I kid you not, I ate with fresh salad six times last week)
    -The twinkle lights strung up on our bedroom ceiling
    -Blueberry season, which starts this week here
    -The president sticking up for equality
    -Coconut frozen yogurt
    -The feeling of finishing a good book
    -The breezy, sunny, perfect weather the last few days
    -Talking to my best friend (who is in Israel) on skype
    -Writing with a fountain pen
    -Listening to good music in the car with the windows rolled down
    -Seeing things around our house (art, little knick knacks, etc.) that remind me of living in Italy
    -The smell of fresh basil


  3. Your happies made me happy, especially “Having memories that aren’t so nice, and knowing that they are memories only.”
    *Clean laundry after a month of being too busy to wash clothes.
    *Rained-out softball games when I really needed those extra three hours for myself.
    *Radishes in the garden so big they push themselves out of the soil, and peas that are ready to bloom and make me veggies.
    *Finishing a class and doing really well, when I’d worried I wouldn’t even pass. Getting excited that this means I’m on the right track.
    *Finishing that class in time to be in the woods for my favorite parts of spring.
    *Standing in a gallery full of my photos watching people (who aren’t my mom) admire them, and knowing this means I have to keep improving and learning.
    *Good news and stories from all my peeps on the Internet. Love that you’re so positive, Lauren!

  4. – waking up, disappointed that I have to go to work in a bit, but then realizing its Saturday and I can sleep in as long as I want!

    – long drives with music or podcasts playing

    – early morning swimming!

    – coming home to a clean apartment

    – guessing the right train door when picking up Lauren at the station

    – taking a successful instagram (it’s so hard sometimes)

    – having a successful home made dinner. Noms.

  5. – Getting asleep in the train and, an hour later, opening my eyes to see my beloved mountains coming near;
    – Getting asleep to the sound of waves coming from my alarm-radio and dreaming of burying my feet in the burning sand;
    – Cherry blossoms in April;
    – The smell of an old book;
    – The excitement of opening a new book;
    – Having a brand new president (François Hollande for the win!);
    – Getting back home at the end of a long week.

  6. – Walking through my door when I get home from work to be greeted by my puppies. Such waggly tails they have!

    – Baking. I love baking. Making a pie that looks like it was bought at a bakery makes me feel so proud (and I don’t even eat pie).

    – Waking up before my husband and moving over to his side of the bed to snuggle him.

    – The smell of spring time rain.

    – Being able to keep my bedroom windows open at night and not freeze.

    – Chocolate ice cream. Especially Ben and Jerry’s, or fresh ice cream from the farm down the road. Yum.

    – Sitting on the porch with friends and enjoying a nice sunny afternoon.

    Just writing this made me happy!

  7. There are so many small things that bring me joy – thanks for making me think about them!

    – peppermint soap
    – a steamed artichoke and a little pot of melted butter
    – waking up without an alarm to sunshine streaming through the window
    – sitting at the table with my sweetheart, after a wonderful meal, savoring another glass of wine
    – spotting wild flowers in the woods or just on the side of the road
    – my legs feeling tired but strong after a long, steep hike
    – cracking open a book I know I’ll love, with the whole story stretching out ahead of me
    – fresh clean sheets + freshly shaven legs
    – new socks

  8. I love happies posts. 🙂

    – the way my dog comes as tries to kiss me with his stink breath right after he eats (so gross but soooo sweet)
    – trying out a new recipe and having it come out perfect
    – a pile of new books waiting for me
    – BBC’s coverage of grand prix motorcycle racing
    – lemon anything
    – patterned knee socks
    – Bunny’s collection of alcoholic boxer shorts
    – Wilbur the red ceramic pig
    – our odd art collection

  9. first of all, yes, yes, YES to Obama supporting gay marriage. and here are my other happies lately:

    * new summer sandals with fun dresses
    * spring nail and toe polishes
    * fresh basil in the garden
    * sleeping with the windows open and fresh air flowing in
    * walks with my dog who is recovering from knee surgery (she is finally cleared to take 2 walks a day!)
    * sunsets on the back patio
    * baseball in Santa Fe – we have a new team that started last night!

  10. Thanks for sharing I am with you on the guacamole (I think I ate it every single day in Mexico last time) and on the paired socks out of the dryer.

    -sunny days and being able to wear a dress
    -ice-cream, always.
    -baking, and the smell of something in the oven, and watching it grow
    -walks in the park with the boy
    -baby animals, specially cows
    -wild flowers growing randomly in the road.
    -eclaires, and discovering new bakeries
    -going out on dates for breakfast
    -the smell after the rain
    -that moment when the boy arrives home after work
    -a new book , visiting bookshops and literally staying there for hours.
    -being able to slow down and take it easy (which lately I haven’t been able… I keep on running and it does not stop)

  11. ooooh I love these ones 🙂 especially the comment about sun and dirt and grass and cracked sidewalks. that is sooooo college, I could just eat it up!

    -dark chocolate covered coconut candy for 10 cents in the gift shop
    -comfortable tights that make me feel all fit and snug and dont tear
    -my office esk ‘rear view mirror’ that distorts my face in the middle and gives me big alien eyes and makes me laugh every time
    -running away to the beach for a night and a day and possibly trying surfing
    -the busy prep time of getting ready for maris’ wedding (ie never know when you’re going to need boob tape!)
    -singing really loudly to amos lee for about a half hour before bed last night, impromptu style
    -clean socks and a new set of sheets I forgot about from xmas!
    -running into my mother this morning coming out of starbucks and her instantly telling me “you look beautiful!”
    -accidental dress up days
    -the zoning out time I get at work when I edit people’s CVs and documents


    1. also: this just in

      -searching the office for a pair of tweezers and comiserating about obnoxious black neck/chin hairs that must be conquereed….with my friend from next door

      -half sleeve tattoos on women!

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