Oh, Hello There

Today I’m up at 3 am to head off to Napa for a hot air balloon ride. Yes. This is what’ I’m doing RIGHT NOW (well, if you read this after 10 pm  I may also be napping…) There will be photos and oh there will be stories. But first the adventure has to happen. So until then, here is a video of an unknown sea creature found very very very deep in the ocean. You know what strikes me as fascinating and a little frightening? Two things: The beehive pattern … and how it seems to have a natural curiosity… which immediately made me thing: Aliens.

You decide.

I’m up in a balloon (or napping).

8 thoughts on “Oh, Hello There”

  1. oh this is scary. very scary. definitely alien. I kept saying WOW over and over again, and made my coworker come see it. And we stared in AWE. It makes me totally believe in life everywhere. and how insignificant we are in the grand scheme. it gets creepier as it goes on too. the white matter stuff, makes me think BRAIN, it has a BRAIN

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