I love sharing photos. I love sharing them on twitter, facebook, and here. Everything I share here is a little different from from the stuff I share on facebook, and that’s different from the stuff I share on twitter.

Kamel was really excited about the colorful produce.

When I write, I see camera angles in my mind, the items I choose to highlight with words come from the focus of the camera in my head. I love images.

Date Night

Running an errand

Because sometimes it’s 11:00 pm and we’re driving home from the city and we just have to stop.

And this is why I just… I kind of love Instagram. And not in the fad way, and not in the hipster way.

Kamel drives into the city to pick me up one afternoon…

I love it like that friend who you always thought was cool and then you went to the movies and then to dinner and then took bowling, and then you realized you’d fallen in love miles ago, but didn’t know it until this very moment.

Nordstrom Cafe Downtown


Off the strip

But the thing is, I don’t have Instagram. My phone doesn’t support it currently. So Kamel and I, uh, share an account. Which Kamel begged me not to admit to publicly.

We looked up how to carve a pineapple, and then we did.

Because, ew. Like those people who have joint facebooks. We are not those people. We can’t share computers, we can’t share phones, we can’t share…

I adore blackberries

Kamel makes me lunch before 7:00 am

Except we do. And we are. We look at our feed together, we decide what photos to “like” (I want to like way more than Kamel does because I’m the social butterfly in this relationship), he angsts over losing a follower, I gain him 3 new ones by being chatty.

Photo editing

Waiting at the Orthodontist

Watching the clam bubbles in the river

He takes a photo, I take a photo. Most of these are his, some of them are mine.

Anthropologie was made for Instagram

I overcooked the asparagoose a little.

Morning light

Most of them are my ideas, some of them are his.

Perfect pancakes, plate from anthropologie.


A little salt and lime

If you would like to follow us on Instagram we’re under kamelperez. (Yes. Both of us.)

11 thoughts on “Insta-Grammy”

  1. All your photos are so happy. I love that plate where the asparagus are. And I also just want to take pictures of everything (if only they were that good). Little things in life get documented and make people smile πŸ™‚

    (But I do not have a phone with instagram or anything like that…)

  2. I will follow you as soon as I figure out how! I’m instagram stupid. I only have two pictures and I don’t know how I managed to follow anyone.

      1. Oh, I signed up a few weeks ago but I was having trouble finding the search function. I did though, and now I’m following a grand total of six people including kamelperez. πŸ™‚

      2. Oh, I signed up a few weeks ago with my Droid phone, but I was having trouble finding the search function. I did though, and now I’m following a grand total of six people including kamelperez. πŸ™‚

  3. I have been thinking about the salt and lime on watermelon since you posted it. I want to try it that way. I love all three of those things and have never combined them!

  4. I love your photos. I can’t seem to get my phone to capture images like I see them in my head. My fancy camera? Yes. My iPhone? No. So, I’m very impressed by your pics. I’m a follower now! πŸ™‚

    Btw, I think it’s very sweet that you share a feed. Perhaps especially because they’re such GOOD photos, it’s like a shared hobby — nothing like a weird couple email or facebook thing. I’d be enamored if my husband ever wanted to share my interest in photography, but I am certainly solo in that.

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