Insta-Grammy Part 2

Ok, so this is just going to start being a thing because I love it too much. Photos bring me joy (especially the ones that are hard to get … like the spider web one I shot) almost as much as writing does. Almost. Plus, it’s a different medium to give you a peek in side our daily.

Bridesmaid shoes. On Sale.

Shower silhouette.

The night’s work.

Some of these Kamel obviously took, and some I took. I am resisting the urge to mark which ones are mine (the spider web one). I like the idea of the sharing concept since me and sharing don’t particularly work that well. So it’s kind of exciting.

Friends and Pad Thai.


Calistoga. Tootsie.

Sunday afternoon view.

All of these photos are in chronological order, starting just after the last Insta-Grammy ended. These are not all of the pictures we took between then and now, just my favorites.

Anthropologie browsing.


Lazy weekend sleeps.


“Look at me I’m flying!!”


Eye see you.

Bye-Bye Bay Bridge.

Do you have a favorite recent photo? I super want to see if you do. (Link to me in comments!)

Flagship. Seattle. Love.

The eternal battle between good and evil.


Seattle Art Museum. The Hammering Man.

It’s right in front of the donuts.

Post Ceremony. Grey Chiffon. The Ladies. 
Chips + Accent Color.

Seven hour delay. Airport floor sleeps.

9 thoughts on “Insta-Grammy Part 2”

  1. Nice! I especially love the “Shower silhouette” and “The eternal battle between good and evil”!

    Here’s one of my own from last month:
    I don’t take as much pictures as I’d like since my phone is not very handy and my actual camera is quite heavy but I do love when I can take some time, look around, and shoot!
    Still, the more I do it, the more I begin to see how much work it would be to take really good pictures. But that’s kind of a good point: we can only get better with time!

    1. Aurelie!! That photo is AMAZING! seriously, I can feel the joy. And don’t think I have forgotten about our emails! I owe you one. 🙂 I’ve just been ridiculously busy and trying to catch up. Soon! I promise!

  2. You know… I have a little pijama dress that looks exactly like your shower curtains. Exactly. Will have to make a pic and send it to you 🙂
    I loove fishes ! And pretty ladies in gray, the dresses !

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