We are living a boring life this week and I am loving it.

On Monday I worked late, came home from work, ate watermelon and beer, wrote, and then went to sleep.

Tuesday I didn’t work late, came home, made mac and cheese and roasted broccoli, watched 3 episodes of Game of Thrones and then fell asleep to the sweet sounds of Ira Glass.

And then on Wednesday I had an orthodontist appointment in the morning, went to work late, left late, came home, Kamel made egg sandwiches for dinner, I did 2 loads of laundry, and we watched 2 episodes of Girls.

Welcome to my life ladies and gentlemen. I’m sitting in my over-sized sweat pants, writing a blog. And it is marvelous.

I wandered around San Francisco in fits and starts on Wednesday whining to Kamel on the phone about how I had nothing to write for today and how much I hated having nothing to write and how it’s so hard when I have nothing to say and blahblahblah. I tried talking to Claire online but then realized that the only interesting thing I’ve done all week, was Maris’s wedding and she was there for that one. So then I whined to HER about how I had nothing to write for today. And she made sympathetic noises over the internet and then she went swimming with her sister. And I felt like sad loser on the commuter train for a bout ten seconds with no opinions and nothing funny to tell you.

Until I realized that wow do I love having a boring week. You know what I am looking forward to the most? TWO MONTHS SOLID (in June and July) where I don’t go anywhere or do anything except go to work and come home and watch back episodes of Entourage or Big Love or whatever. And wear sweatpants. I think I was made for sweatpants, honestly. And giant underpants. Sweatpants and giant underpants with my computer on my lap, the TV on, sitting with Kamel in the living room and instead of talking we’re simultaneously staring at boxes of light. YES! This is living!

Anyways, I go to Houston for work next week. I’m pretty excited about it except for the heat part because I will for sure sweat and I am unsure what to wear that is both cooling and work appropriate. Seeing as how every day for the last two weeks I have convinced myself I don’t need a coat to go to work and every single day this is the conversation I have with Kamel in the car on the way home:

Me: “For the love of god please please please MAKE ME take my coat tomorrow. I am tired of freezing my balls off downtown with that fucking San Francisco wind of doom!”

Kamel: “Ok, I promise.”

9 hours later…

Me: “Fuuuck! Why is it so cold in San Francisco? And why do I always think that it will be warm when it is so clearly not warm, not at all, not even a little bit? And you have yet to force me to take a coat. We are failing as a team.”

Kamel: “I also forgot to turn the bathroom light off this morning.”

Me: “We are failures.”

So the heat is going to be a little bit of a shocker. But yay Texas! I’ve never been to Texas.

In other news: I think I may bake something this weekend, make a disaster of the my kitchen and then tell you all about it. If I ever leave the bed of boredom and delight. Because me + sweatpants = awesome sauce, is what I’m saying.

21 thoughts on “Booooring”

  1. Oy, I’ve been pretty boring lately as well. Well, when I’m not forced to do things (read: Jon’s grad + in-law visit). And you know what? It’s been GLORIOUS. But now, I’m about ready to get back to DOING things. So this weekend is for planning (hello, an extra day to sleep AND get things done?) and then IT’S ON.

    Which is to say I very well may sleep all the way through June. But, you know.

    Also? This:

    Kamel: “I also forgot to turn the bathroom light off this morning.”

    Me: “We are failures.”

    This made my entire day. Love you guys!

  2. Yay! I live in Texas! It is already HOT here — mid-90s every day this week — but most businesses air condition the crap out of their buildings to combat it, so chances are good you’ll still be cold indoors. I recommend short-sleeved or sleeveless tops with a blazer or cardigan, and nice pants for work, and then jeans or shorts to change into after work.

    Have fun in Houston!

    1. This makes me feel much more secure on the clothes that I arleady have in my closet. Hopefully I will not sweat through. You’ll know me by the blisteringly white reflection I cast. 😉

  3. I was thinking about this yesterday, actually, when I was looking at the roundup of Instagram photos. I like seeing the everyday things just as much as the special things. I like seeing the adventurous (balloons!) mixed in with the more ordinary (artichokes!). There are some people on I follow online who are always DOING THINGS and GOING PLACES and sometimes I get tired of the constant EPIC EXCITEMENT.

    So go ahead. Be boring once in a while! It all balances out.

    1. This is reassuring. Every once in a while I will throw in a long list of all of my mundane activities. 🙂 With funny commentary, of course.

  4. Yes Margosita! I love the boring and the everyday of your life – It allows me to see things and be a part of the daily stuff while being so far away 🙂 I love the epic adventures and trips and all that jazz (cause puhlease, we are really good at that) but I long for the boring OFTEN, sweatpants and big undies, sign me up 🙂

    ps: you are not boring, lets just clear that up

  5. Yay Houston!

    It is pretty hot here (highs have been high 80s/low 90s which is actually not bad for summer) but here is the most important thing for you to know – everyone here blasts their A/C like nobody’s business in the summer so it’s usually pretty cold indoors [[I see now this was mentioned above]]. Most people wear light fabrics (no heavy knits) and then bring some kind of cardigan in case it gets cold inside.

    Also be aware that downtown always has weird sidewalk construction and is super dirty. Like, when I worked downtown I scratched my cornea two separate times and I’m positive it was from all the dirt there (I had to wear a freaking EYE PATCH). Sorry if this is scaring you, I’m sure you will not need an eye patch. I just mention this so you know to bring sturdy shoes.

    Aaaaaaaand this is why I am not a copywriter for Visit Houston. It actually is a really nice city.

  6. I am highly jealous of your boring week. HIGHLY. I was made for sweats and couches and tv marathons as well. With sunshine outings thrown in the mix. I miss you guys. And yay Houston! How exciting!! It sucks that work trips cant be shared with our other halves. Go do some country line dancin for me 😉

  7. The problem with the gloriousness of being lazy is that it is in direct conflict with the badassness of being busy. Ultimately, they have to go hand in hand though; you can’t revel in being lazy if you haven’t been busy. Then it’s just LAZY not happy sweatpant goodness lazy.

  8. For Texas, how about a dress (even a nice sundress?) with a blazer/bolero to just dress it up a touch? It’s a great go to in hot weather.

    And boring weeks can be some of the most amazing. Just the chance to be relaxed.

  9. Just so you know, Mark just went: “Let me read Lauren 😉 ”
    Actually, yesterday I was thinking wow, Lauren and Kamel are doing so much exciting stuff lately.
    And here we are sitting on the couch, watching the Big Bang theory and eating rice with aubergine + courgette
    kind of like this:
    I also love sweatpants, but the one thing I love more is flowy summer dresses, so comfortable and cute at the same time.

  10. I live near the Houston area and I would recommend natural fabrics. If you are going to be venturing around the outside carry water with you to remain hydrated and be prepared to sweat. Even if you are only outside for 5-10 minutes it happens.You should have a blast.

  11. Another yay Texas! comment here. And I second the above advice on layers. They are a must. If I dress purely for outside weather here, I freeze all day long inside. I also have a black scarf that I carry with me at all times so I can wrap it around me in whatever way needed. I’m pretty sure this often makes me look like an old woman wrapped in a blanket, but I don’t care 🙂

  12. I’m having a mandatory boring week because I’ve been off sick, boo to that, but yay for trackpants! I’ve been living in mine the whole week, until I went back to work today so had to wear proper clothes ugh.

    I think the boring weeks are needed to balance out the exciting, I clearly had far too much going on for too long and crashed, learn from me and embrace the boring!

    1. Today it’s sunny but a high of 57. It’s not bitter cold or anything but it’s chilly. Bring a scarf and sweatshirts, zippies, jackets etc. Layers are key!

  13. So I’ve lived in Houston for a little over a year now, and may I recommend skirts and/or dresses? Totally work appropriate and cooling! I also recommend adding cardigans so you can be prepared for too-cold a/c indoors. Anyway, enjoy your trip! Houston’s not that pretty, but it has its charms.

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