*Big* Plans, *Big*

Oh man, you guys.

Yesterday I had big plans. *Big* for after work. I had all these hopes about writing a discussion on this Real Simple article I read about stress and body function and blahblah (I’ll get to it), and I was going to finish up filling out a short story I’ve been drafting over and over again, and I had emails to write and … it was going to be awesome.

But then, as I (so very proudly) hopped on the early train after hoofing it and sweating it several blocks, and snuggled into my chair, with my bag on my lap, surrounded by standing and sitting and munching (subway munching) commuter people, and read… well, the world fell away. Chapters zoomed past until I realized, while looking around the train and out the windows, that I had no idea where I was or how long I had been on the train or what time it was. Panic started to creep up my throat, especially when I grabbed my phone out of my pocket and realized I had 3 missed calls and 4 text messages. I knew then, that I had probably missed my stop and Kamel was wondering where the hell I was. I scrolled to the bottom of the text conversation from him and he was already giving me instructions on how to get the next train back from Palo Alto. I called him.

Me: “I think I missed my stop.”

Him: [Laughing] “What happened?”

Me: “I was reading…. can you come get me?”

Him: “No honey, you have to take the train. It will take me way too long to drive there in this traffic.”

Me: “Ok. I’m sorry. I was reading.”

Him: “I know. It’s ok.”

By the time I got home I was 40 minutes late and starving. My evening plans had been thrown for a bit of a loop. Kamel made egg sandwiches while I wallowed and whined, “I’m starrrrving!” and stared at my computer.

By 7:00 pm, unable to focus on anything but how tired I was, Kamel steered me into bed where I napped until 8:00 and then Kamel steered me out of bed and into the bathroom where I brushed my teeth. With pajamas donned I crawled back into bed and fell fast asleep.

And that was my evening. Lost on a train, asleep by 7:00. Obviously, things are not quite back on track yet since I’m precisely 90 years old.

16 thoughts on “*Big* Plans, *Big*”

  1. Well now I don’t feel so bad that after getting a haircut I decided to take my fancy new do… to bed as I finished the last chapters of the Hunger Games. Again.

  2. Oh I dont know what it is , but I am also SOOO tired lately. Was tucked in bed early last night. Maybe it’s in the air !
    But I love to be so immersed in a book that time goes by.

  3. I love that you were lost in a book. That is a productive part to your day and, clearly, you needed some sleep. I had plans to clean the fish tank and tackle some craft/work room organizing, but I took a zumba class with my mom and crashed around 7:30.

    1. Cleaning the tank is always something that nags at my brain but that I always continue to put off. Always. And then I feel guilty about it. It’s a vicious cycle.

  4. That is the number one reason I’m a little leery of reading too much on busses and trains. If the book is any good I have no guarantee I’ll catch my stop.

    I think it’s just about the sweetest thing ever that Kamel got you into bed for sleep and then up for teeth brushing. It’s nice having someone to love you when you’re super tired.

  5. I was asleep by 9:40 last night. I thought about reading but turned off the light and went to sleep. Honestly, I’ve rarely regretted going to sleep early. In fact, probably never.

  6. This is awesome! I love those nights. Your body goes “nope, not happening, not so fast!” and pretty much shuts down, which is basically what we need. I’m glad the book was so engrossing!

    ps: I am still, as always, jealous that you can read on moving objects! šŸ™‚

  7. This is the kind of husband every gal needs: someone who will make us egg sandwiches and force us to brush our teeth after we get lost (literally) with books.

  8. I can’t blame the train, but I too was wiped out last night. Big dreams, but a one hour nap turned into two, and then… I was useless.

    It was worth it.

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