Another One Bites The Dust

Tuesday night we had an impromptu Queen dance party. I think you should too.

7 thoughts on “Another One Bites The Dust”

  1. God. you look like you are 18 years old. Very funny. Dancing with the stars has called and they are looking for you. Ha.

    Here’s to a good weekend.


  2. Aaaaah!! I freaking LOVE you! I SO wish I was there dancing with you. Amazing. We need another dancing night out. Mark your calendar for July 7th. My brother will be DJ’ing here in SAC!

  3. The claps near the end was my favorite part! I really needed something like this in this crappy morning, thanks!

  4. I love impromptu dance parties. We have them daily at our house.

    When I was living in France, we had lots of dance parties to this song. For some reason, it was very appealing to my French friends and it was normal for them to spontaneously start singing it at dinner and we’d all get up on our chairs and dance. Something about that song…

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