Things, April

1) I wanted to do a things post for March, but it was just too much of a packed month and I never got around to it even though I scribbled some notes down on a tiny note pad at work at some point.

2) I feel rather emotionally exhausted from yesterday and yet another run in with my crazy neighbor who flicked a cigarette butt at me as I passed him outside of the apartments. Crying before 7:30 am should be totally outlawed by humanity. It’s just not good for the soul. Also, I hate calling the police. I hate having to call the police in the first place, but talking to them while they make you feel small is worse. I’m not a fan of having to prove that I’m not full of shit. Even though I didn’t cry all day long, I had that “oh my, I’ve been crying all day long” feeling in my face, in my eyes, way down in that deep breath place all day at work. Boo to that.

3) I’m officially growing my hair out. I’m looking forward to it and also kind of sad to be leaving the short hair. I’m so finicky. Why can’t I have it all at the same time? Long and short? Big and tamed? Volume and sass? Grumble. I keep resisting the urge to cut it, knowing that when I do I will come home whining, “Whhhyyy! I MISS IT! Long hair come back to me!” So now I’m in one of many awkward hair phases to come. It’s too poofy, it’s uneven, it needs a trim, but I’m determined to not go back to my amazing hair lady until I’ve passed some sort of milestone. Ugh. If you see me on the street and I have wackadoo hair, no fair judging.

4) I find an obscene amount of joy in buying Kamel new underpinnings, and then throwing out all of his grody-ass boxers, yellowed undershirts, and brown thread-bare socks. Ahh my small joys. I think I have bought new underpinnings at least 4 times in the last 3 years and I have STILL yet to find underpants to successful replace my beloved jesus panties. Although… these look promising (link sent to me by a reader… I still need to belly up and buy a pair).

5) This weekend will be the first weekend I’ll have at home since the one before Barcelona!! Ring all the bells! Drum all the drums!! I’m so excited to pretty much NOT LEAVE my neighborhood!! I will sleep and I will go for walks and I will listen to back episodes of This American Life and I will lay on my back on the couch and think of nothing and I will do laundry and maybe vacuum and IT WILL BE GLORIOUS.

6) This is the end of a conversation that actually happened this week…

Kamel: I owe you so much for that! You totally saved the day! Thank you!

Me: It’s like a life debt or something.

Kamel: Seriously…. I’ll never be able to repay you. That was amazing.

Me: I think that’s kind of what marriage is… in a nutshell. We just keep saving each other from ourselves and accruing all of this life debt, so we end up being stuck together continually trying to repay each other for all of the solids we’ve done one another. Marriage: The eternal debt repayment plan.

Kamel: Pretty much. Yeah.

7) Three happy things that happened to me in the last 3 days:

  • Surprise internet chats from people I don’t speak to enough.
  • I changed my frog’s water and cleaned the bathroom and that makes me feel like I get an A for effort and productivity.
  • Cantaloupe

What are your things this month?

10 thoughts on “Things, April”

  1. Oh my god your neighbour. I want to hit him for making you cry like that, I do not understad mean people.
    I cut the tips of my hair and I am also in a weird phase, I just don’t get used to it. Ohhh.
    Here is wishing you a calm but fun weekend .

  2. Things in April?
    1) I’m TIRED. Not getting home until 10pm three days a week means I don’t go to bed until 11 three days a week. And it means I’m unproductive on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Which means I have to be productive on the weekend and that’s against my (lack of) religion. Weekends are for fun.

    2) I want to GO somewhere. Which means I need to start a weekend trips list. Summer 2010 we went somewhere almost every weekend…it was fun.

  3. maybe whatever you did for Kamel was paying him back for that time he saved you from the unthinkable in a public restroom… I remember thinking that was some serious heroism!

    PS your neighbor sounds like a total douche

  4. Re 2) WTF, NEIGHBOR?? Who does this??

    Re 3) Extensions! Best of both worlds!
    Ok, maybe not. BUT, I do know a girl who makes her own extensions. And they look AH-MAZ-ING.

    And my things this month.

    That is all 😛

  5. I started a new job on Monday-wheeee! But OMG, am I tired this weekend. So yes, apparently, April kicks everyone’s ass.

    Starting to think about my birthday and all the reflection that brings.

  6. I work in an accountant’s office…so April has thoroughly kicked my ass, and will continue to do so until it is over. This however has not stopped me from making amazing “in the not to distant future” plans that I am super excited about.

    Yea for weekends where you go to enjoy just being home. I love those weekends. They can be so refreshing. I hope you enjoy every minute of it!!

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