The Huxtables and Sloths in Pajamas

Since it’s my week for being honest: I kind of ran out of profound/thoughtful posts. It’s really exhausting to be so spill-the-beans every day.

But! It’s actually a good thing (I swear) because you get to check out two of my favorite videos right now. The first is from the Cosby show because… any day is made better by a tidbit from that family, am I right ladies? The second involves sloths. So ya know… major aww factor. When I have no discussion to produce, I always do you right. (I do you so right, it’s wrong…or something.)

(It’s too good, isn’t it? It’s just TOO GOOD.)

(ahhh!!! PAJAMAS!)

You’re welcome. Now let’s get through this Thursday and on to Friday, shall we?

8 thoughts on “The Huxtables and Sloths in Pajamas”

  1. We have a deep deep love for The Cosby Show. We’ve watched the first 4 seasons straight through, from start to finish. It’s one of the first things I remember doing as a couple when we first met!

  2. Aw, watching clips from the Cosby Show makes me feel like I’m 5 yrs old again. It was one of my favs.

    (also, it’s funny how his description of “calling and calling” to track down an object from years ago sounds so much more impressive in a pre-internet age. Now it’d be more like, “I searched on eBay…” ha)

  3. I just had to comment because first of all I stumbled across your blog while looking for (of all things) a candy bar birthday cake 🙂 I know what are the odds of that right! So anyway I’ve now spent the last hour reading through it and just had to say I’m LOVING it!

    I’m not a big reader of blogs because most just don’t seem real like the person writing them is trying too hard to make themselves more interesting for whatever reason. But yours on the other hand is so real that it’s just wonderful.

    Anyway I just wanted to say I’ll be bookmarking this one and now have to you search for more baby sloth videos on youtube because they are just so damn cute!!!

    Have a terrific Tuesday!!

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