Real Life Conversations: A Sign

Driving in Napa, past wineries, on lovely country roads, a thought sprang up in my mind…

Me: Ya know… I think I’m done with Lent… I think Lent has run its course and I think we’ve done a really good job.

Kamel: Oh?

Me: Yeah… also I want to stop at that one shop I like.

Kamel: The one with the cookie??

Me: YES! I want to go there! I really want a cookie. I think I’m done with Lent… I’m ok with it.

Kamel: Ok… if you think you’re done, that’s fine then. It should be up here in a minute.

[A few minutes later we nearly miss it, but slow down in time to get a good look… the building is half burnt and covered in tarps. A big closed sign is stuck in the window.]

Me: No… No no no.

Kamel: Aww man… it’s closed!

Me: It’s… a sign. That is a sign.

Kamel: WHAT?! What sign?!

Me: That! Is a sign!! That is a sign…. We are not done with Lent.

Kamel: Ha! You are hilarious.

Me: You can’t argue with a burnt up building the one day we drive by in months and months and months. You just can’t.

8 thoughts on “Real Life Conversations: A Sign”

  1. Oh, cookies and Lent.

    I did cookies a few years back … and then Girl Scout Cookie season hit. Talk about torture! I bought a box, and put them in the freezer, to try and forget about it.

    Well, 12:01am Easter Sunday I grabbed that box, ran up the stairs and practically threw them at my best friend’s (who was staying over) head. That entire box was gone by 12:15am.

    Somehow, I think we missed the point. ::laughs::

    1. Hahahahahah we ruled out GIFTS! gifts don’t count in lent. We’re like Freegans… except… no dumpsters are involved (I feel like i heard this somewhere… about dumpsters).

  2. TOTALLY A SIGN. I would’ve done the same thing and then felt sooooo guilty. (I am not saying you should feel guilty, that’s just my own personal brand of insanity coming through.) But just think – only a matter of days until Lent is over!

  3. Confession: I felt really strongly about this for about an hour. And then after lunch I ordered a cookie to go and split it with Kamel. If you’re going to go to hell, you might as well have a buddy. 😉

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