Cold In Vegas

My parents took us to Vegas for my birthday last weekend and it was really, really great to be with them and to be running around on a mini vacation. A few quick things about the trip:

  1. We stayed at the Bellagio and I have never ever experienced a more comfortable hotel bed in my LIFE. I usually sleep shit-tily no matter how heavenly the hotel claims the beds are… but this was WOW. So comfortable. And thank god, cuz I was really tired.
  2. My mom got trapped in the bathroom when the lock refused to release. It was hilarious and the hotel people had to come and drill out the door knob. The whole weekend Kamel kept turning to me and saying, “That happened. That really happened. Your mom got trapped in the bathroom.” Yes, she did. Hilarious.
  3. It was about 60 degrees and super windy. I rocked my birthday dress and wedges for most of the first day, but eventually had to rock the jeans. The day before we got there it was 75 degrees out and the day we left (at 6am) it was near 80. But whattya gonna do?
  4. And because of the chills, I got to unveil my brand new short coat! Courtesy of my parents for my birthday and Claire for picking it out in my big coat search a few weeks ago.

I think my hair looks weird in that picture.

The pool was so pretty and the chairs were so comfy!! Too bad it was super windy and there was no way I was getting near nakedness in that weather.

Birthday Dinner! About to blow out the candle.

Thanks for the coat and the long weekend in Vegas, Mom and Dad!

And thank YOU for all of your birthday wishes, and to Claire for helping me find this coat on Piperlime! *Short Coat Success!*

8 thoughts on “Cold In Vegas”

  1. I love the buttons! I’m a sucker for good buttons on a coat.

    That’s both hilarious and terrible that your mom got stuck in the bathroom. It makes me claustrophobic even thinking about it. I’m glad the hotel people were able to come to her rescue!

  2. I LOVE the picture of you at your birthday dinner! Youre hair looks so perfect and shiny and awesome 🙂 AND, i love the long skirt in the last pic. You totally rock those so well. This post just gave me a Vegas itch. I want.

  3. Awesome!! Loved that I could help pick out that COAT 🙂 It looks FABU. Also – your hair in your birthday cake picture = awesomeness! (its secretly how i wish my hair had looked at that length)

  4. O.K. Just for the record, with a huge bathroom, soaking tub and separate Glass Shower, along with a sink, water and toilet… and a phone at your disposal being locked in the bathroom was not all that bad. The better news was while we waited about 10 minutes for the security people to arrive and the maintenance staff to deal with the door, who had to pry open the door, no one, and I mean no one, had to use the bathroom. We all had a good laugh. Lauren looked great all weekend and other than the weather, the weekend was really fun. Thanks for sharing it with us. You and Kamel are really good traveling buddies. And I agree. The hotel was the best. You forgot to mention that they sent up a long brown box stuffed with chocolate truffles for your special occasion. Now that was special.

    All my love

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