An Ironic Jig

Tomorrow is my favorite blog post of the year and next week I’ll show you the new short coat I scored from the suggestions in the comments, AND we’ll have another version of Better In Real Life Book Discussions, so get ready for some reviews off the big book list you helped me create!

Until tomorrow I leave you with this song (imagine me singing it while doing an ironic jig):

One Hundred Years Hence what a change will be made
In politics, morals, religions, and trade;
In statesman who wrangle or ride on the fence,
These things will be altered a hundred years hence

Then woman, man’s partner, man’s equal will stand,
While beauty and harmony cover the land;
To think for oneself will be no offense,
The world will be thinking, a hundred years hence.

Oppression and war will be heard of no more,
Nor the blood of the slave leave its print on our shore;
Conventions will then be a useless expense,
For we’ll all go free suffrage, One Hundred Years Hence.

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