The Euro Pack

I hate packing. I hate it. I make packing lists weeks in advance because I always worry I’m going to forget a day and not have enough to wear, or forget an event and not have the right clothes. I like being comfortable on vacation. Shitty clothes on a vacation can ruin my experience. I sometimes wish this wasn’t true. But it is, so I just roll with it. And I make lists. And then I check the weather, and a reevaluate my lists. What once was a long dress and a cardigan has now become jeans and a sweater. What once were sandals are now tennis shoes. Rain coats, fleecies, two pairs of shoes just in case one gets wet. The worst part about packing is the finality of it. If all I have are sweaters and it suddenly becomes 70 degrees, all I have are sweaters. Options keep me sane. Packing takes away those options.

We are ready. We have packed. My messenger bag is ready to explode. Passports have been located and stored in a zipper pocket, itineraries have been double checked, and extra shoes have been stowed away. The best and the worst part of traveling with Kamel is we worry about different things.

He worries we will get separated, so he makes me repeat the plaza near our Barcelona apartment out loud to him so we have a meet up place just in case. I worry that I will be cold and wet during our self guided walking tour.

He worries the food won’t live up to his expectations, I don’t think about the food. He worries he will be bored on the flight, I’m looking forward to the quiet and disconnected feeling of being away from the world for a long stretch of time.

He would walk out of the house without shoes on if I didn’t remind him, yet I worry that even though I’ve thought about which outfits to bring, the only thing the pictures will reflect is my coat. He worries that we will miss our connection, I know it will be fine. But if we do miss our connection…

… I know that we will then have an unexpected adventure in London and still fly home on Sunday. This does not really make Kamel feel better. I am content either way.

I make sure we have enough money. He makes sure we get to where we’re going, and with all the chargers and batteries necessary.

Every thing is packed, and there is nothing left to do now but fly.

18 thoughts on “The Euro Pack”

  1. I hope you both have a wonderful time! And that your feet stay dry! because seriously, wet, cold feet are the absolutely worst.
    I once tried to dry my shoes with the ancient hand drier in the bathroom at the Harvard Natural History Museum. It was 45 degrees and raining all morning, and my feet were soaked and cold. I’m classy like that.

  2. oooh… all your taking are two backpacks? on our last trip, we managed to get down to two carry-on size suitcases. next time, I want to get down to backpacks. I have too many toiletries. That’s all there is to it.

    1. We do the one carry-on sized bag with all of our clothes and a daypack with computer/books/etc. Then we have a day pack for all of our walking/hiking/etc.

  3. I’m laughing hard at “He would walk out of the house without shoes on if I didn’t remind him”! So true!

    Have a safe trip and an amazing time in your european vacation!


  4. Ug, packing. I always look at my suitcase and ask if I shouldn’t just pack one more t shirt or hoodie or pair of jeans just in case … and inevitably have to pare down my suitcase 3 or 4 times. Which is doubly ridiculous, because once I get wherever I’m going I tend to only wear the same two things over and over.

    I just never know what those two things are going to be.

  5. Yaaay you’re gonna have so much fun!

    And I am with you on the packing. UGH. It is AWFUL.

    I have a theory: the world can be divided into two sets of people. There are packers, and there are unpackers. Packers are people who LOVE to pack for trips and find it easy (yes, I know people like this. They exist). Unpackers are people who unpack ALL THE THINGS as soon as they return home from vacation (this is me. This is NOT the fiance).

  6. I HATE packing, it’s the worst thing EVER. My method is to keep thinking about it and then when I feel slightly prepared to do it, I do as much as I can before I end up lying on the bed, face down, screaming ‘I don’t know what to take!!!!’

    Have an amazing time! Very envious.

    1. Every once in a while I get lucky and I writhe on the bed while Kamel puts close in a bag and I Say “No!” “Yes!” “I DON’T KNOW!” And then I magically arrive to my destination with the correct things.

      Mostly though, I obsess with lists for at least 2 weeks or more.

  7. I love that, in all of these pictures, he is standing in front of the mirror! Hahahaha!! I cant WAIT to hear all about your adventures. Youre right, you guys will have an amazing time no matter where you end up. Have a blast! And dont lose each other! Lol.

  8. Oh how I LOVE those pictures!! Its awesome how you balance eachother out. Imagine what it would be like if you were worrying about the SAME things – it might make it ten times worse no?! Yay!! I’m so excited for your adventure!

    ps: kame is adorable with his ultra awesome-o american plaid shirt and touristy backpack! thats how to ROLL through europe, for sure!

  9. Hahaha yeah, packing is hard. Always end up procrastinating to the last possible moment.
    Making mental lists yeah, but doing it at the end.
    I wish you guys all the fun in the world in this adventure

  10. I hope you have a great time and take a lot of photos (with smiles, Kamel!)!

    I’m one of those weird people who love to pack for a trip. And my golden rule is: if you forget something or if the weather brutally changes, that’s a formal authorization to do some (reasonable) shopping!

    And yes to spare shoes: when you spend most of your time walking through a new country, you should pamper your feet as much as possible!

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