In the middle of the day on Sunday I told Kamel we had to run outside and take pictures of the eucalyptus trees.

“What?” he said.

“Yes. The trees. We have to,” I said back.


Because they are why I was sold on this apartment. A big, towering, gorgeous line of eucalyptus trees out our big wall of windows in our living room.

Do you know about these trees? Do you have them where you’re from? Have you ever caught a breeze with the scent of these trees on the wind? The freshness, like the most perfect summer day?

In the afternoons in the fall, while I was working from home, I often had all the windows open because we don’t have any air conditioning and there were a few days it hit 90 degrees. As I wrote in my living room the breeze would send in a myriad of sounds; the neighbor kids playing across the fence, the sound of a radio, a lawn mower, the whoosh of cars.

And the sound of these trees swaying in the soft breeze.

And when it’s really windy, like it has been lately, they sound exactly like the ocean. They are one of my small joys, one of the things that make really really happy. One of the things that are easily taken for granted because they’re just trees… hangin’ out, doin their thing.

And being totally, awesomely magical.

7 thoughts on “Magic”

  1. Those trees are so beautiful. I can see why they were a selling point!

    Growing up our backyard was lined with overgrown lilac bushes. Having that sort of mini-orchard ends up being beyond beautiful.

  2. They are a very important part of all my family memories! The street we grew up in Mexico was lined up with hundreds of these magnificent trees, most of them more than 100 feet tall!

    And the sound of the wind is in a special partition of my mental hard drive.

  3. I. LOVE. Eucalyptus trees. You’re right, they’re totally magic. The smell, the sound…oh, the sound. My dad grew up in Santa Monica, so we spent a lot of time down there as kids. The eucalyptus are one of my more vivid memories.

    Living in Seattle, my dad misses them terribly. But! Fun fact! Certain varieties DO grow in Washington! So a few years back we bought him one. The thing grew like a frickin WEED! Unfortunately, a very strong wind storm knocked it over, and we have yet to plant another one…but it could be done!

  4. Pretty!

    I was sold on our house because the backyard has 10 trees. TEN. In a typical surburban subdivision neighborhood. It’s awesome.

    And then we had crazy storms yesterday and one was hit by lightning. But the trees are still awesome – it’s like our own little relaxing park out back!

  5. I’m from Australia so eucalyptus trees are native here! I do like them, but they do tend to have a habit of dropping whole limbs just randomly…never ever set up a tent underneath one!

    My favourite is the lemon-scented gum. Had one in my backyard at my previous house, every time it rained, the tree smelt amazing, lemony and eucalyptusy all at once 🙂

  6. When I was a kid, there was a line of Eucalyptus trees by my house. One day I was riding my bike down the street next to them, and all of a sudden I heard what sounded like THOUSANDS of frogs violently ribbiting…. and then one of these huge eucalyptus trees started to lean…. and then the whole entire thing fell over, into the bay harbor water. It was epic. And I was the only person who saw it. I’ve kind of been in love with these trees ever since our special little moment together 🙂

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