Flashback Friday: What Are You The King Of

Sometimes on Fridays I take a break from thinking up stories and interesting tidbits to share and delve into my currently unpublished blog that goes all the way back to Nov of 2006.

This is a flashback from March 31st, 2007. This was a depressing ass time in my life, I’m going to own that. I was so lonely and so unhappy and pacing the floor while I waited to hear back from grad school admissions people. I was living at home, all of my friends were still in school, and I was working at a very very boring admin job. I was lost. The scene has been set, here we go…

So this idea has been bouncing around in my head ever since watching my new favorite movie Stranger Than Fiction: What are you the king of? Dustin Hauffman poses this question to Will Ferrell’s character and Will Ferrell responds “nothing.”

But what it’s saying is everyone should be the king of something, even if its the king of your own life. Especially the king of  your own life.

It’s a fairly widely accepted idea that there is no fast and hard rule when it comes to perception. One person’s truth is not the same truth for the next person, right? We all see things in a slightly different light. But maybe people should feel and know somewhere deep inside them that they are the best, or maybe even have some sort of mighty grasp on something they think is important… and it doesn’t matter if the rest of the world doesn’t agree. It’s a kind of self-confidence and egotism that is actually character building. I know its important to be a selfless person, but having passions and confidence in who you are and what you want and in your abilities is equally important for being a complete person.

So the question is: What are you the king of?

5 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: What Are You The King Of”

  1. I am the queen of poking my friends in the boob when they aren’t looking.

    I am the queen of vagina jokes.

    I am the queen of this space (and here I shall RULE! (just kidding)).

    Annnnnnd I am the queen of cuddles. I rock that cuddle shit so hard.

  2. I am the queen of loving my parents so much even when I hate them so much

    I am the queen of coffee

    I am the queen of PMS 🙂 ha!

    I am the queen of not doing my dishes, eep

    yay! I like this idea a lot.

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