Fashion: Know When To Ask For Help

You guys have seen my little grey coat, right? I wear it around almost every day. I’ve had it for over a year and I think it was about 40 dollars. It is starting to die, and paying to have the broken bits repaired and the dirt thoroughly washed away will cost way more than it’s worth. Plus the sleeves are a little long and my boobs are kind of too big for it (the bottoms sometimes burst open in my chestal region).

This is where you come in. I need you. I need your help. I love the short coat. I have a long coat, but there is something about the sassyness of a coat that stops right at my waist that I think fits me to a T. It makes me feel like I’m on the go! I’m active, yet classy.

But I’m having trouble finding a short coat that isn’t 1000000000 dollars or isn’t a jean jacket or isn’t a sport zippy. Can you help me find a short coat that can be worn on the weekends and to work? That is $500 or less? (I’m giving my self some wiggle room to dream.) There is a super cute red one at anthropologie right now but it has 3/4 sleeves and I just don’t see that as wearable for all the year. Any color goes, and I’m generally a size medium if that helps at all.

Even with all of my work time procrastinationΒ lunch browsing I haven’t been able to nail one down. So that pretty much means…You are… my only hope.

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    1. I would like to testify to the amazing-ness of Boden. LOVE THEM.

      (That is all, though I’m all over this assignment!!)

      1. Really, I order a ton of stuff from there (once) and nothing fit. It was all so boxy. I was sad, because it all looked so cute in the catalog.

        That jacket is super cute, but I’m too afraid to try them again.

  1. Are you looking for particular materials? I have a thing for leather jackets, and find that Danier (although I’m not sure if that might be a Canadian store?) tends to be relatively reasonably priced and have LOVED every coat I’ve ever had from there.

      1. I’ve seen the old navy ones and they are surprisingly thin but REALLY cute, I love the bright green one. I’m going to scope out gap at work today. I totally forgot about them in my search.

  2. JC Penney usually has some nice-and-inexpensive short coats. I’m wearing one I got last year and totally love it. They don’t have that one anymore, but I’ve found one that I also think is totally adorbs and sassy — the Liz Claiborne Military Peacoat.|71663

    I think the Heather Grey one looks classy, but the Ruby Red is nice if you’re confident enough to wear that much red!

    1. Also, anything with that kind of double-layered buttoning will button much further over and help you with the … uh … boobsplosion problem. I have the same concern with tops and coats. :/

      1. Thank you!! That is a great tip. Also – I realize my typo in the text … bottom = button. Grrr. But thankfully my point came across. Boobsplosion ftw.

      2. I’m going to respectfully disagreed with the suggestion for a double-breasted jacket. Double-breasted (the two columns of buttons) make most people look wider than they actually are. I also find that it is difficult to get the structure (princess seams, etc) that make coats fit well with double-breasted buttons.

        Better to look for a coat with good seaming that fits you in the shoulders well.

        1. Hum. I haven’t had the structure problem with the fitting in the shoulders. I usually have a difficult time finding well-fitting coats, but I’ve had good experiences with the double-breasted jackets from Penny’s, especially if they taper at the waist. It may be a case of “try it on and see.”

  3. Hi Lauren! I found my way over from APW like… a year ago? I really enjoy your blog and decided that instead of creepily lurking around, I should just start commenting. Shopping seemed like an easy way to start?

    I think this a-line jacket is cute and it has the same shape as the Anthro one I think you were referring to.

  4. I have no practical advice, I always seem to find the perfect coat when I am not actively seeking one. I got wool one from Anthro two years ago (that I still receive regular compliments on) and a leather one from Banana Republic last year.

    The Boden jacket linked by KB above is super cute.

  5. As cheapo as this sounds, do you guys have a Burlington Coat Factory near by? I have found a lot of things there that I love!

  6. OK Here are several options

    1. this one is double breasted, and as a similarly blessed person in the chestal region, I’m not sure how you feel about those (sometimes they dont fit right or make me look extra big there, but it depends on the person) but this is an adorably bright red one from tommy hilfiger at macys, with a sassy collar and hits at the right spot

    2. This one is overstock and ultra cheap (so obviously I can’t promise quality) but its simple and sporty and classy all in one and it just reminded me of you instantly. Its dark grey, has a belt, and is hits at the waist πŸ™‚

    3. this is probably my favorite so far – its a Gap tan (not double breasted) coat, with a hood but with a button up front, and pockets (classy!). Its called ‘utility’ jacket, but I dont think it looks like one πŸ™‚

    4. This is my NEW favorite – its super classy, nacy with gold buttons, button up front, cuffed sleeves, pea coat classic! Its perfect! (a bit more expensive, but still only half of your cutoff point, and Im sure the quality would be worth it!)


      1. yes!! I liked this one too but couldnt tell how long it was, like where it hits at the hips/waist since the model is kinda leaning over. Its fab though!!

      1. Lauren, i will fight you for that coat! or… since we live thousands of miles away from each other… will be coat twinsies with you?

  7. My picks…

    1. Boden’s waxed jackets are awesome and extremely waterproof for being canvas. The jacket will break in nicely too and the belt will help define your waist.

    2. This one is definitely more preppy (sue me, at least I’m consistent) but will be WARM. The princess seams insure it will be extra flattering to zee boobies and it hits at the hip.

    3. More spendy for sure but very chic and well structured. Check out the seaming on the back-so well built!

    4. Probably a touch longer than you want but OH MY the color!! Plus, a hood, zipper and belt.

    Finally, had to share this one! Lizzie want!

    Happy shopping!

  8. I would look at Benetton / Sisley. They have nice coats, good quality, not over expensive, warm and often bright colors. (Sounds like I should be working for them.)

    Here are some I found, though I donΒ΄t know if they are too sporty or too long for you:

    1. Ok so this is more of a jacket and not very formal but I see you in it and it looks comfy

    2. I love the old school look of this one and it looks warm and neutral

    3. Standing out in a red coat is the best

    4. And this one is above the knee but it is light turquoise and oh so cute that I had to show it to you

  9. I’m a fan of the J.Crew pea coats – I wore one out while I was in undergrad and I have a long dress coat in my closet that I still love and wear. The wool is warm and the cuts are stylish and classic. Check out these two options:

  10. I’m late to the game, so you probably are already sporting a wonderful jacket but just in case, I was going to link to a heavy-ish fleece one that has been perfect for this almost-spring weather but it’s no longer listed. However the prices on these jackets in the sale section of Lands End Canvas (where I got the one I am loving) looked good so I’m sharing anyway –

  11. Is your grey coat from Nordstroms? I have one just like it and I have the same problems with the snaps. I can’t bring myself to get rid of it until I have a new one but am too lazy to look. Please post what your end choice is. Thanks!

    1. Yes! It was from Nordstrom BP as a christmas gift. Also, the threading on my right sleeve seam has totally come undone but i know that because it is lined it will cost a pretty penny to get it sewn up again. I’m hoping to order a new jacket very soon and I will let you know how it goes. πŸ™‚

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