Adventure-ing: Rock Climbing Week 4, The End

Here we are! The final week of rock climbing! And I’m feeling a little sheepish about what I have to share.

Kamel and I both skipped our final class.

I know! We should have seen it through, we should have finished what we started, we were loving it! Well, sort of. We were sort of loving it. We were having an adventure and the adventure wasn’t complete! We paid for 4 weeks and only did 3. We did. And here is why…

The adventure had run its course. I had fallen in love, we had worked out some issues, and then come to the conclusion that we were just not meant to be. It had 3 acts that played out every Wednesday night for 2 hours of constant physical and mental stress and by week four we both realized that this rock climbing thing is just not for us. We’re too busy and too tired, and we don’t love it enough. And I think that’s what happens with every new risk, new love, new relationship you try. In orderΒ  for something to take up space in your life, you have to love it enough to find room for it. And I don’t.

But this is ok! Because, the goal was to try something new, something scary and hard and here is what I learned:

  • The human body is a magnificent thing and we are capable of so much more than we think.
  • How to boulder and how to tie knots for climbing and how to really and truly support someone else while they are very high up on a rock wall.
  • That Kamel has some sort of monkey gene that allows him to scramble up walls like he is 5 years old and 60 pounds.
  • I do not have that gene.
  • I don’t have to love something to really appreciate it.
  • Their really are a lot of shirtless men at the rock gym.
  • They are all specimens of perfection.
  • At least on the outside.
  • Once I get past the fear of something it becomes rather thrilling. Getting pass the fear is totally worth it.
  • It is remarkably easy to try something new, you just have to decided to do it.

There you have it! I completed a scary thing, even if we ditched on the last class. I was exhausted on Wednesday and fell asleep at 9:30pm. At 8:40 when I begged Kamel to follow me to the bed where I then snuggled, Kamel reminded me that, “Holy shit, Lauren, if we had gone to class right now we wouldn’t have even been DONE YET.” And then we high-fived. Or maybe it was a mental high five because I was too sleepy to move.

I hope that one thing that this here bloggy of mine encourages others to take risks, have adventures, and try new things. Jump forward with your eyes closed. Sign up for the new activity. Take something that you initially say NO to and do it anyway. Do it because your gut reaction was to NOT do it. I have always found that doing things, taking the risk, leaping the leap, and dancing the dance has never ever been something I regret. So, tell me, what have you got going on that’s pushing you further than you thought you could go? Claire is planning on learning how to skateboard (how goes that by the way?), Margaret and I are going on a hot air balloon ride in May (I need to make reservations for that by the way), Kamel said yes to going on a quicky getaway to Spain, what’s your next step?

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  1. I have to tell you, the opening of this just made me laaaauugh. Because I TOTALLY understand.

    People always make this big deal about DON’T BE A QUITTER QUITTERS LOSE AT LIFE. But you know what? Sometimes you just KNOW. And when you know something isn’t right for you, I 100% think it’s better to walk away, feeling proud that you tried and you gave it your all, and not spending X amount of time miserable finishing up the task at hand and “not being a quitter.”

    I am NOT good at planning new/scary adventures. I like my comfort zone. That’s one of the reasons Fiance is so good for me–he pushes me outside of that zone and encourages me to try new things. I always hate him a little bit for it at the time, but always end up grateful πŸ˜‰

    1. Ha! I’m glad I could pass along some LOLs this morning. πŸ˜‰ And yay to have a partner who nudges you into “interesting” situations. Sometimes it’s easier when you don’t have to be the one to force yourself into things, you have someone else doing it for you. haha

  2. I’m going to try rock climbing! Well, that is, sometime in the next year before the Living Social deal expires. My co-worker asked me if I would be interested in going with her, and I immediately thought of you! I decided that I would try something new and different and go for a day of rock wall climbing with her. You totally inspired me to try this!

    Also, I almost bought a Groupon for skydiving last week…however I passed that one up. Although if I see it come up again, I am totally buying it! Even if no one else will go with me πŸ™‚ This is going to be my year of “trying new things”, so why not jump out of a plane?!

  3. Yes!! I love this – realizing that you enjoyed something and learned something and pushed yourself – but also realizing its just not for you. No shame there, at all.

    the skateboarding report: nothing yet, I walk by a skateshop on the hill often and swoon at the wall of boards – but have yet to google any sort of way to get this started. Jack (of the Tricia) has offered to let me borrow one of his boards and help me get started – so I need to get going on that offer πŸ™‚

    ps: I was totally just mentioned in your blog, just saying πŸ™‚

  4. I think one of the hardest things about trying new things is accepting that sometimes they are not for you long term and still being able to appreciate all the awesomeness and fun and learning the experience gave you.

    I love that shared about “quitting” rock climbing in such a positive way.

  5. Lauren-

    As always, an amazing post. Your insightful, eloquent chronicles of our climbing class always bring a smile to my face. While we did catch the bug, and contemplate actually joining the gym, I completely understand the “okay…tried it…amazed by it….didn’t love it”.

    If I had the discipline to actually maintain a blog, I’m certain our posts would be similar about climbing…the only addition on my blog would read something like this:

    “…and while petrified with fear, feeling out of shape, knowing that my rental harness must make me look fat to my classmates below, forearms burning, and almost hearing the blisters popping up on my palms (only fifteen feet off the ground), it occurred to me that signing up for beginner rock climbing classes had some unexpected benefits. Like meeting Lauren and Kamel…”

    Missed you guys Wednesday, and hope to see you sometime soon. In the meantime, consider us your newest (and possibly oldest), fans of your blog.

    Can’t wait to read about your next adventure.

    Belay on.

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