A Second Glance

We are back!! And exhausted. I think, as I write this, I’ve been awake for a solid 24 hours. But, before I get to all the shenanigans (and minor catastrophes) that happened in Barcelona, I wanted to give Beth a little more time in the spotlight.

She wrote about her experience with discrimination when she attempted to volunteer with her town’s volunteer fire department a few months ago. And now she is giving us an update on how that fight is going (a long, lonely fight), and how she is coping.

I’m pushing for you to take another peek at her writing because I think the community we have here is really important, I think it’s important for Beth to have some rallying during the hard, long slog of this fight. I think that we need to recognize that Beth is fighting a fight for women, not just for herself. And to put herself out there and risk social isolation because she knows what her town is trying to do is wrong… that deserves a big big big round of applause.

So if you didn’t get a chance to read it last Thursday, or it seemed to long, please take an extra 10 minutes today and give those minutes to Beth. Share her post if you can, spread it around on twitter and Facebook, message boards, and in email. Even though Beth’s small town may be trying to ignore her into shutting up, I am here to say I stand with Beth. I will be loud and clap and tell her again and again and again, “You are brave and amazing and deserve so much better. Keep going.”

My dad was no saint. He certainly wasn’t perfect. And I’d say he was a pretty far cry from a feminist. But he for damned sure wouldn’t have let anyone tell his daughter she couldn’t when she could.

I’m with Beth’s dad on this one.

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