2012 Travel #2 Seattle Weekend

If I’m counting my trip to Michigan as 2012 trip number 1, and hell… why shouldn’t I? Than the weekend trip to Seattle, involving and revolving all around family, is trip number 2! With lunch with the lady’s, a bridal shower, family dinners, and shopping with my baby cousin (who is turning 13!! I can’t even handle it), it was a 2 day whirl wind. And I can’t believe I’m back at work today. Phew.

But while I’m catching up and getting my bearings, here are some of my favorite photos from the weekend. Courtesy of Claire and my cell phones.

12 thoughts on “2012 Travel #2 Seattle Weekend”

  1. Ahhh cupcakes. Somebody needs to make a song about cupcakes. Has that been done? I’m thinking something with a good rap beat, very fast and dance-y.

  2. yay!!! the pictures are great 🙂 I love the compilation ones! ps: hmm mysteriously left yourself out of the pics, eh? 🙂

    Whirlwind trip number 2 = success!

  3. EXCUSE ME YOU WERE AT TROPHY NO?! My FAVORITE! We did a cupcake tasting there for our wedding and then proceeded to have them make us the most beautiful arrangement and not to mention bomdotcom cupcakes that everyone and their mother raved about.

    I mean, hi, we had WALL-E and Eve toppers!


    Yes you’re getting a link to a photo of them. Sorry, I’m just slightly obsessed with Trophy… and also, that’s my old neighborhood before we got all grown-up and bought a house.

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