Things, February

1. This weekend starts a massive travel-a-plooza (and/or hurricane, depending on the day and who you’re talking to in our house). Here are the numbers:

6 months
7-8 trips between the two of us (1 is pending)
5-6 different cities
2 plane trips currently purchased (more to come next week. Yipes.)

2. I never told you what we got each other for valentines! I got Kamel 2 shirts from this amazing store. Kamel has an affinity for clever shirts. And when we moved I made him chuck 1/2 of them because his drawers were overflowing with shirts that either a) were old and gross (am I right ladies?!) b) did not fit c) I hated or d) he never wore but had a strange emotional attachment to. Now he feels free to buy better quality (ie not shirts he got for free and wore for 3 years straight) stuff and only wears stuff he really loves. Pairing down for the win!

Kamel braved the aisles of Anthropologie and managed to leave with this beauty:

The necklace is the only thing I’ve ever gotten complimented on at work. Two points for Kamel! Also it looks like pirate’s gold. A major plus.

3. So… I’ve been thinking about this ever since last Wednesday when I posted Relationship Truths. Going into that post I had major reservations about publishing it at all. I didn’t want a big angry fight in the comments. I didn’t want you guys to feel like I was “telling you how it is” or acting like I’m Miss Perfect Who Knows Everything, or that I had all the answers. I didn’t want the frustrating back and forth that is, “well I know this one couple who totally makes what you’re saying obsolete!” I was bracing for impact when I pushed publish. I gritted my teeth and hoped my day wouldn’t revolve around putting out fires or apologizing for my pretty solid opinions. I mean, this is actually what I think. I’m sharing it because I think it might be useful, and also because I like to hear what other people think. But this post, before it went live, made me feel like shrinking into a hole and apologizing before it had even begun.

But here is where my true apology starts. I totally underestimated the wisdom in my readers. It’s not like I don’t know you all are bright, thoughtful, opinionated, well read and lovely. I do know this. But the fear of writing in public, of speaking in public, of sharing in public sometimes grips me and I wince before anyone has even raised their hand. Bottom line, you guys blew me out of the water and I felt sheepish about how much you all totally rocked that post. So, thank you. I was totally wrong for worrying and I’m sorry for thinking you weren’t up for the task.

4. After I got home from my latest (and BEST short hair haircut yet!) I became very confident in my need to grow out my hair again. Even though I don’t feel like I have John and Kate Plus 8 Hair, and I feel sassy and it’s easy to handle in the morning, I had this revelation that I am not a short-haired person. I have the long neck for it, yes. I recognize my mother’s fabulously long neck. But even though my hair is short, I still sort of twirl the ends when I’m nervous (which makes zero sense in public and is slightly embarrassing when I realize it), I crave pony tails, and I’m sort of tired of waking up with it all up in my face all of the time. Ya know, as opposed to it all up in my armpits like it is when it was long. Sigh. I’m not really sure how to handle the grow out process… and I need to get through Maris’s wedding without having cray-cray hair (the photos will be permanent, after all)… so we’ll see.

5. January was the longest month of my life. February has seemed to fly by. I realize it’s a shorter month, but I’m still surprised it’s NOT January still. Anyways, here are some bloggy news and updates:

– I’m heading towards another blog re-do. You can look forward to new art and new colors and a new set up at some point in the spring. (Oh god, my towering to-do list.)
– I’ve already planned out my next big GIVEAWAY (I feel like it deserves some sort of trademark capslock) to happen in the coming months (probably 3) and it’s going to be AWESOME. Seriously.
– I’m always on the lookout for more Visiting Artists, so if you know anyone or are interested in being featured please contact me.

17 thoughts on “Things, February”

  1. 1. That necklace is amaze-balls. Go Kamel.

    2. I am a short-haired person trying to grow out my hair for my wedding. Why? I dunno. Because that’s what you do? I at least want the OPTION of having an updo? But some part of me thinks that, one week before the wedding, I’m going to go into the salon and demand that it all be chopped off. We are what we are.

    1. OK. I highly highly highly recommend keeping the short ‘do for your wedding. A lot of awesome short-ish hair styles can be done for wedding hair (with some pretty SWEET hair accessories too if that’s an option you’re looking into). I don’t think I have ever known you to have long hair (hair that wasn’t passed your shoulders). And after reading many many many many reports from brides after their weddings, I have only ever heard positive things from those who kept the look they view themselves as most. As in, it’s been noted to the point where I am remembering this fact in a sea of weddings.

      Of course, no matter what, you’re going to look But rock out what makes you the most comfortable. There is so much about a wedding that pushes the comfort zone. Hair should not be one of them šŸ˜‰

      1. Also, if you can’t decide- hair extensions are awesome. I got some clipped in to my barely shoulder-length hair because I wanted an updo but hate having long hair, and it looked gorgeous. My advice for this path: find a hairdresser who does extensions a lot, and when the party’s over and its wedding-night time, take the bobby pins out that hold the style onto your head, instead of doing the instinctive thing and undoing the ‘do as if it was your real hair. The whole bun/whatever will just come right off and you’ve save an hour from finding the other 300 pins in there.

      2. Well, ok…to be clear, at this rate, “long” hair is going to be at my shoulder blades šŸ˜› It’s just above my shoulders right now, and in 6 months, we aren’t gonna have any flowing locks on our hands.

        But yes. You are totally right. I hate that I have this idea in my head that MUST HAVE WEDDING UPDO, because I try not to buy into that type of thing. But ugh! There it is, stuck there!


          Just kidding. šŸ™‚

          One of the best parts of my wedding was getting to play pretty pretty princess with my best friends. Rock out with your cock out anyway you see fit. You’re going to be fab and I can’t wait to see photos!! šŸ˜›

  2. Find a good stylist, alert her of your plans to grow out your hair, and she will take care of the rest. It just requires occasional haircuts to shape (not shorten) and you’ll be good. I grew mine out last year and I think it went pretty smoothly. Also – LOVE that necklace. Yay Kamel!

    1. I second that! I’m working on growing my hair longer too and it helps to have a hair warrior like my stylist ON MY SIDE about it all, bc when I tried in the past, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing!

      1. I have a lovely lovely stylist. But it’s good to know I can go back to get help and not just suffer through the ugly stages.

        I’m still not what exactly to do for Maris’s wedding. Do I get another hair cut and rock the short hair until after? Or just start the process now?

        1. oooooh inneresting question…. i love that picture of you from your 21st (i think?) bday where you have short hair and it is curled and pinned back on one side. i wonder if you could do something like that. Lets play with it this weekend!

  3. that neckalce is FABOO. Seriously. Wow! Its definitely something I would pick for moi, and I’m kinda not surpised that Kamel has good taste, despite it being at the same time like whaaaaaa? kind of moment šŸ™‚ oooooooh pirates gold – yeee!

    I cant wait for your hair to be all up in your armpits, since I am always a fan of you and long hair :). But seriously though, your neck and that short hair is so freaking cute. I’m wishing and hoping that the picture I have on my corkboard (that I reminded you of last week) made some sort of impact, ha

  4. First off … holy crap that’s a lot of travel! I’m jealous!

    Also of that necklace, because WOW, awesome. =)

    Secondly, where did February go? I was thinking about it this morning … March starts this week. While we (in DC at least) were all so worried about Feb being the coldest month of the year, it went and passed us by. Spring starts (officially) in just a few weeks. Craziness.

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