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Oh Valentines Day. So commercial, but also a good reminder to have fun, appreciate others, and spread some lurve. This year we’re actually going to do something to celebrate. (We were… until this morning.) Something super cheesy, because if it’s not about flowers and chocolate, Valentines Day sure is about the CHEESE.

So, in honor of our Valentines Day dinner love package for two this evening (including an appetizer AND a dessert, champagne AND a rose …. ooo lala), stay-at-home-in-our-sweatpants-evening (because it turns out that we’re a low on time this week and a little over extended) how about a list of all the things that make us so incredibly chees-tastic!

1. I call him Babaloo and he calls me Magoo. Why? Because it rhymes.

2. We have our own language. It’s stupid but it makes me laugh. Words like: Jambone, dapadoo, and tantchu are just the tip of our weird-o language iceberg. (I blame the sims.)

3. Every day after work Kamel meets me at the train station and we walk home together. When he is late I wait for him (usually irritated).

4. Sometimes I spontaneously fall backwards and have total faith that Kamel will catch me. He hates this. I find it super amusing. I’ve never been dropped. (Kamel edit: yet)

5. We always share drinks when we go out to eat. Like 1 diet coke for the table. Sometimes we share a beer after work. (This coming from an only child.)

6. 99% of the time I can’t fall asleep without Kamel in bed with me. If we are both home, then we are both in bed… Kamel with headphones and me passed out.

7. We spontaneously dance when we are excited. And we say things in unison like, “We’re going to spain, we’re going to spain, we’re going to spain!” Or “We’re getting married, we’re getting married!” or this one time when we both had small random surprises for one another and were both caught off guard and we ended up hopping around repeating, “We surprised each other!!” Nerdos. It can’t be helped.

8. For a long time Kamel gave me a small gift every month. We called it the monthly present. Sometimes it was infomercial shampoo, other times it was a single song from itunes.

9. We bought matching Yosemite branded sweatpants. We call them our Yosemites and we wear them all of the time. They are XXL and are ridiculously large. We also (just recently) bought matching black fleece sweat pants and we call them our fleecies.

10. Sometimes, in boring meetings, Kamel sends me a picture text of himself being bored. And then I send one back. We are so barf-y. They look like this:

How are you cheesy? Tell me your most Velveeta moments!

What are you doing for valentines day? (Whether you’re romantic, ambivalent or somewhere in the middle.)

And above all: Spread the love. It’s the best part, second only to the copious amounts of free chocolate and sugar cookies to be found on this day.

32 thoughts on “Say Cheese”

  1. We made a nice dinner on saturday – steak with a blue cheese sauce, scalloped potatoes and a veggie. Tonight, we are planning on turkey sandwiches and potato chips. Romance!

  2. I’m the same way on needing to have us both in our bed to be able to fall asleep. I usually ask him to tell me a story so I have something to focus on and keep my mind from racing and actually fall asleep. Sometimes if he can’t think of anything, he’ll read to me from whatever book he’s in the middle of.

    We also make each other laugh every day, in large part by vocalizing the thoughts of our dog and cat. Constantly.

    To celebrate, we’re having dinner that he’ll prep while I’m at work and I’ll cook while he’s doing his weekly volunteer gig at the local animal shelter. We’ll both be home to eat, thankfully, and to make ice cream sundaes (can’t wait).

    1. Oh my gosh – he tells you stories and/or reads to you before bed?! This is amazing. We have totally crazy schedules (i.e. James studies best in the middle of the night) – so our bedtime schedules are nothing short of irritating. 🙁 I’m jealous!

      1. Mind you, there’s many a night when I say “hey, are you ready to go to bed?” and he says, with a disappointed look on his face, “can’t we stay up until at least 9:30?”

  3. We usually celebrate Valentines Day over the weekend. It’s easier for adventuring (which is clearly important to us) BUT quite frankly, my schedule these days is wearing me down (we leave right after I get off work and are in EMT class MWF and get home at 10:30) so we were lazy last weekend. It was sort of romantic, productive lazy as we did a chunk of wedding planning.

    Tonight though? We’re eating meatloaf, studying, and sleeping.

    And since you asked for the cheese…
    1) Ask our dog to find “Forrest” or to find “Beth”? And he’ll look confused. Ask him to find “Daddy” or “Mommy” and he’s off to the races. (Puke.)
    2) We talk for the dog all the time. In the Sprocket voice. (Puke again.)
    3) We share drinks too. Usually in the form of Forrest ordering the “combo” at a fast food restaurant. We only need one drink and one order of fries. Beer’s different. We wind up ordering 2…just one at a time so they stay cold.

    1. hahaaaa we definitely have dialogue for both our dogs. they sound like doofuses.

      and we definitely share fountain drinks at fast food places too (but never beer. don’t even try to drink my beer)

      1. Our dogs know us as mommy and daddy too! And we sing and talk to them all day long, lol. And talk for them. We know what theyre thinking.

    2. Oh yes. We talk for our cats all the time. Every time I realize I’m doing it, I embarrass myself…and then I keep on doing it 😛

  4. Valentine’s plans? I’m going to surprise him with cinnamon buns tonight, and he’s planning to take me to dinner on Saturday. Which is more fuss than necessary, but absolutely lovely.

    As for cheese?
    First off – apparently Beth and I are the same kind of cheesy – our dog knows us as momma and daddy, and we share all our drinks except coffee and tea from the same glass at home.

    But my favourites?
    “Quick Like A Bunny” – we do this really ridiculous little kiss with bunny ears. It started at red lights and has continued everywhere.
    When either of us burps the other yells “sexy” across the room (which cracks his parents up and horrifies my mother)
    And plenty of others!

  5. We have cheesy nicknames too! He’s the Captain, and… my nickname is a little too corny for the internet. He loves to try to gross me out, but then gets mad if I gross him out more. We watch the X-Files on Netflix, and try to scare each other during the tense scenes. And, perhaps the most cheesiest of all:
    We watch the Dick Van Dyke show sometimes before going to bed, and then give each other knowing looks when the plotline mirrors our arguments and misunderstandings, or goofy behaviors/twitches, etc. As in, we are basically the Petries.

  6. There is so. much. hidden cheese in my relationship. We’re pretty goofy to begin with but the public has no idea how deep it goes.

    As for super romantic Valentine’s Day plans? We had (delicious) Chinese take out on Sunday and veggie stir fry tonight. We’ve never been much for presents, mostly because when we started dating we were be-roke. But we usually exchange cards with a thoughtful note. Chris’ birthday is also a week after VDay so I prefer to pile on the fancy dinner and presents for that.

    We make owl noises constantly.

    1. My husband’s birthday is ALSO 1 week after Vday, and our date-iversary is 1 week after that. We tend to skip presents entirely and go on a long-weekend road trip the end of February (plus it gives us something to look forward to at such a dreary time of year!). So we skip the vday celebrating all together – I made dinner as usual, then we netflix’d, as usual.

  7. “4. Sometimes I spontaneously fall backwards and have total faith that Kamel will catch me. He hates this. I find it super amusing. I’ve never been dropped. (Kamel edit: yet)”..This make me literally laugh out loud!! TRUST FALL!!!

    Bring on the Velveeta!!
    1. We have nicknames too. We call each other Bo or Bobo. He calls me Boobie, lol.
    2. We have a framed picture that says “I love you because….” and we fill it in with cheesy, thoughtful and dirty things on a regular basis. Hes really good at it!
    3. I wear his old high school PE and football practice clothes to bed.
    4. If we didnt have opposite schedules we’d shower together every single day. BUT, we do, so weekends only for now 🙂
    5. We watch our wedding video on our anniversary every year.
    6. We dont fight. Ever.
    7. We celebrated Valentines Day last night with corned beef and cabbage, and the Walking Dead!

    CHEESE!! Happy Valentines Day to you and Kamel! Xoxo.

    1. We shower together every day! It’s actually really convenient time-wise, but sometimes on the weekend one of us will pop into the shower without notifying the other and there will be some hurt feelings.

      1. YES! LOL! Sometimes Ill be coming out because he took too long to get in, and he’ll be just walking into the bathroom..nekkid..and get the saddest look on his face! Hes like but..but… 😉

  8. I think waiting for eachother and walking home from the train station together is incredibly romantic!

    Our cheese:
    We shower together every day.
    We also lend voices, and long, drawn-out scenes, to our cat. We animate him with a specific voice, and play out scenarios in which he is a selfish bachelor or playboy type who loves Miami. This seriously occupies probably half of all our conversations at home. I’m so relieved to read that others vocalize their pet’s thoughts too!
    He makes my coffee every morning and leaves it for me on the table even if he has to rush off to work before me.
    We make eachother homemade cards and notes for holidays, and like to slip them into eachothers lunch boxes.
    And, we love cheese, in general.

  9. Dude. You two are adorable. Seriously. 🙂 I love the secret language and the silly pet names. We’re all about both.

    Our cheese?
    1. We call each other “Bay” (as in that terrible rap song, “hey baybay, hey baybay). He has since become “J my bay”, “J da bay”, or any form of that.
    2. I have a pretend Chloe voice (I had one for Phoenix too) that I often use when she is being especially annoying to James. He loves it.
    3. He drives me everywhere. He’s not the social butterfly that I pretend to be, so he’ll drop me off at a friend’s house for a girl’s night, go to the gym & workout, and pick me up when I’m good and tipsy & can’t drive myself home. Clearly.
    4. We often yell “Team Tyler!!” and high five each other.

    I’m sure there’s more cheese. But I’ll leave it at that. Thankyouverymuch.
    Happy Valentine’s Day! 🙂

  10. He dances for me…but not like, sexy dancing, or even good dancing…more like snoopy dancing, or muscle man marching band dancing. It’s really hard to describe, but so so so adorable. The other day we stumbled across some industrial gothic dancing videos on youtube, and I kept asking “why are they wearing those things on their faces”?. About an hour later I walked into our bedroom and he was waiting for me – wearing a gas mask and dancing, just to make me laugh. We also only refer to each other as “baby”, I think he’s only actually said my name a handful of times in our relationship.

    We also speak for our dogs. Sometimes, he raps on their behalfs. It is amazing!

  11. You do *not* have two pairs of matching sweatpants. Ok yes, yes you do. That is awesome.

    These comments are making me think we’re not cheesy enough! Aside from the constant silly singing and dancing, that is. We drink from separate glasses and mostly complain about the cat. (She is so loud. There is no impersonating her voice. It is like a sledgehammer.)

    Ok, no wait, I’ve got something. We’re huge fans of Tori and Dean.

    And, for Valentine’s Day, at my request, I am being cooked the most fantastically, literally, CHEESY enchiladas that are so good they have to be bad for you and consequently I haven’t eaten them in ages. I was also surprised with this,, which is quite possibly the cheesiest “gift” I’ve ever been given.

  12. I’ve just had one of the most awesome Valentine’s Days (in Australia so we’ve already had it). We went to a Roxette concert last night and rocked out to the cheese… 😀

  13. -We’ve been married for 32 years and have always been “The Cookies”! She sometimes calls me “beba” the female version of baby in spanish.
    -We too have happy dances, mostly while watching old Mexican movies about cabarets and night club dancing. We always stand up and dance our best salsa moves!
    -We have always exchange cards. We pick the one with the longest text because we both hate reading long hallmark writings.
    -Most of all, we do share the love with family, friends, coworkers.
    -And we always dress in red!

  14. I love reading these!

    I love our silly cheesiness. It’s my favorite part of our relationship, by a landslide.
    1) we make blanket forts, and don’t leave them for hours on end
    2) every night he hums me to sleep (it’s the best/barfiest thing ever that I hope we never give up)
    3) Bentley, out cat baby has multiple personalities: 1. Sir Bentley Snugglesworth III, of the Uptown Snugglesworths. 2. The little boy from Little House on the Praire
    4) We send endless PAYATTENTIONTOME picture texts throughout the day
    5) whenever I’m coming to visit, he stocks his fridge with all of my favorite drinks, alcohol, ice cream and tater tots.
    6) Our D&D characters still live in our heads, 2 yrs after the game ‘ended’


  15. Aaaah the velveeta! Yes!

    1. Morning dance parties in the living room are my favorite. One of us will put on Howl by Florence and the Machine and it’s a call to the dance floor.
    2. Play fighting at night when i have so much ennnnerrrggggyyyy I must attack!
    3. With B, fake accents. Does everyone do this? I think so. So far we’ve got german down pretty well but sometimes we move into irish or london accents. Russian too.
    4. Also, singing Marla’s rendition of “It had to be you” to each other.
    5. Happy dances = jumping up and down together holding hands and squeeling around the house. Usually for no particular reason 🙂
    6. Whenever I go out of the country I hide a bunch of love notes around the house for M to find….
    7. I’m actually realizing that M and I are basically fourteen year old girls together. Squeeling and talking in “text” talk to each other and having dance parties. Wow. I’m so fine with that haha.

    I love love!

  16. I am late commenting, since we were away this week, but woow, this is weird. (or maybe we are just alike) but we also call each other babbaloo, it (Babalu) , it comes from one of the first times we watched a movie together, I fell asleep in the boys’ chest and drooled a bit, and from then we decided that “baba is who baba gets” and from there it came to babalu.
    I also let myself fall all the time and I love doing it.
    And crazy dancing and jumping, but that is mostly me.
    Last valentines the boy got me a bag of things I like: raspberries and feta cheese and i lvoe to get surprises out of nowhere…
    Happy belated valentines day to you guys !

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