Saturday Edition: Things Lauren Does Not Care About

Hey look! This is something new! A post on a Saturday?! Why yes, indeed, it is! The Saturday Edition is a post written by Kamel, about anything and all things. Even I am not entirely sure what most of these are about. Get ready…

There are certain things in life that I love to talk about and get excited for that Lauren just does not care about. So she doesn’t want to hear it. (Lauren Edit: This makes me sound like a horrible wife… but it’s not like I haven’t heard these things a millllllllion times) But since I really want to share some of these things am unable to control myself, I will share them with you!

  • Last week I finally unlocked my bootloader and rooted my phone! I was holding off on doing this because it required me to factory reset my phone first. Meaning I’d lose all my stuff. But this week I figured out how to do a backup and restore it. Once rooted I was able to install ad block on my phone (no more ads, ever!) and turn on free wifi tethering amongst many other things. But Lauren’s response was, “What? What? Why are you telling me this? You have to re-install ____ app? Why? Bootloader? Oh Kamel I don’t really care about this.” Haha
  • Since becoming a Citizen, and with the recent election mania I’ve been genuinely interested in maybe running for local office. I think I can pull it off since most people have had it with their representatives being totally incompetent or wacky. So, I researched what I have to do, and it’s totally do able. But (Lauren Edit: Remember that I had nodded and said MmHm, yeah I don’t think so about a gazillion times. Plus Kamel always wants to be a 1) movie star 2) start a professional that requires lots of technical skill 3) a fairy princess who fights dragons (meaning ridiculous other things that don’t make sense)) Lauren stopped me and said, “Kamel, this is the one dream of yours I’ll have to crush. Sorry, but no. I cannot do that life, you’ll never win (Kamel Edit: Yes I could) because I write a blog and I have no filter, plus I don’t believe the system would ever ever ever let you make any big changes because it’s all a bunch of shit.” Just between you and me, though, in a few years, I’ll give this one another go. πŸ˜‰
  • I care about the technology and quality of the theater we go to. Lauren does not. For example, I used to LOVE watching movies at Lucasfilm or Skywalker Ranch because they had the optimal THX certified, studio reference picture and sound. Plus everyone behaved, paid respect to the credits and no food was ever allowed! The perfect film experience. Lauren hated this, because she couldn’t have snacks and candy while watching the movie, didn’t want to stay for the credits and hated that people didn’t cheer. So, we go to sticky movie theaters where people talk on their cell phones and sometimes the picture is crooked.
  • I love aviation and get excited about every detail of the plane. I tell Lauren what airplane we are going to use and a little bit of the history behind it. One of my life goals was to fly on a 747 and this March, when we go to Spain, I’ll finally get to! I was super excited about this when we booked the tickets, but as I told Lauren the details of the plane, she just got scared and asked me to stop. Aww! She feels like the plane is TOO BIG and the details TOO SCARY and I think the plane is TOO AWESOME.
  • I set up our living room so that our music from both computers can stream wirelessly to the PS3, playback the audio on our sound system AND be remote controlled via the iPad or my cell phone. To be fair she thought this was really cool, especially for parties. BUT as soon as I start telling her the details of how I accomplished this feat, she would rub my arm and give me that “I don’t care, but I love you” look and I would have to stop talking.

Other random things:

  • Space exploration and astronomy
  • The science channel and shows like “How it’s Made”
  • The ongoing war between RealD vs Dolby 3D systems. (I think Dolby is the better one)
  • Details and rumors about what’s next in tech. New iPad, new androids, new windows, etc.
  • Physics and chemistry. So many good things to nerd over in these topics that I could start a blog covering it all. (Lauren Edit: This makes me sound like a science hating, ignorant mess – which I am not. Just cut to the chase and tell me if teleporting is ever going to happen. The end.)
  • Setting up Lauren’s computer to be most efficient. (Lauren Edit: He’s not allowed to touch my things.)

And to give you a cinematic representation of our lives together, please review this clip. (No, really… it’s the perfect example.)

The End!

22 thoughts on “Saturday Edition: Things Lauren Does Not Care About”

  1. You GUYS. I was falling in love with you already but that you’re Margaret and Leo right there? Yeah. Done.

    Also, Kamel might love all the planes outside The Proud Bird near LAX if you haven’t been. And Lauren could love the food and the neat ballroomy inside of the place.

    1. Oh man, an aviation themed restaurant?! We will definitely go.

      Lauren took me to the Museum of Flight once. I had the time of my life! She was a good sport πŸ™‚

  2. 1) Kamel and Chris would be best friends. I’ve had this inkling for a while but this confirms it. They would be so happy geeking out about science and watching “How it’s Made”.

    2) Can Chris write a similiar post to get it out of his system? πŸ™‚

  3. Once again, this is just too funny. I have been there many times when Lauren just rubs your forearm and gives you that look of “Shut up but I love you”. Oh Daddy, she would say. Kamel you are a champ to continue to love all the things that you do and not give up on them. Your Saturday blog just brings a smile to my face. I usually read out loud to Janis and we both have a good laugh. Thanks.

    Love you both tons

  4. Lauren. We have a PS3, a Wii, a streamer thing, and it all hooks up through the internet and the iPad becomes the remote when we wants it to.

    It’s neat. I don’t understand. and I don’t want to hear about it.

    But we love that you guys can do it, Kamel!

    Love the Saturday posts πŸ™‚

  5. Oh good. This makes me feel so much better that I don’t care about podcasts, or stand-up comedy, or [most] skull-centric art, or the finer points of inking.

    Also, I’m beginning to hatch a plan where we come to LA and you guys come to LA and you can meet “old” Lauren and her Adam and him and Kamel can talk about THX and the rest of us can sit around and be afraid of airplanes.

  6. ok, so I’ve decided that Pat and Kamel would be good friends.
    Lauren and I could hang out talking about normal stuff and they could geek out about all of the above.

    As long as they keep their dirty paws off my computer. I have a fit whenever Pat tries to “make my computer better”. Paws off.

  7. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!!!! BROOOO…. whenever kamel would talk to me about those things I would just @__________@. I really cannot. I sympathize with you entirely.

    The only thing I love is “How things are made”. LOVE IT!

    Oh, and the whole Lucas theater “sitting till the end of the credits/no snacks or talking” thing was so annoying. I would always be like… “BUT WHYYYYY?!??!”

    hahahhaha love it. miss you guys.

  8. Awesome blog and I do agree with lauren- on the movie @ lucasarts…where’s the emotion people? And why couldnt i have at least a water?

    What new techy things, i just got an ipad 2…

    kamel, you could politics, but I have go first πŸ™‚

  9. Ahahah. The plane thing. I get that one πŸ˜‰ The Fiance works on airplanes, so whenever we fly one he is very excited: “Do you see this?? That part there?? That does this and this and keeps us from crashing. And do you see this other part? That one there? That’ll do this and this and this!” And while I love him to pieces, and am supportive of his work…good God, I could not care LESS about airplane parts πŸ˜›

  10. Oh man, just stop with the details about the techy things already, amiright? My husband also has every gadget in our house speaking to each other and once wanted to debate the merits of two different ways of doing the in-wall home theater wiring. Uuuggggh. I love having it, and like knowing how to use everything, but after that? Tralalala, I can’t heaaarrrr you!

  11. Sorry Kamel, gotta agree with Lauren on this stuff. The music stuff is really cool, but I wouldn’t want to hear about how or why it works and all that jazz. πŸ™‚ And how can you watch a movie WITHOUT popcorn, candy & soda? I don’t understand.

  12. BAHAHA re: the movie theater. Also, the not touching our own separate things bit?? I honestly think that’s the key to a happy marriage. (Not kidding.)

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