Saturday Edition: The Reveal

You all know the Saturday game by now, right? Let’s get to it then. Kamel, you’re on.

You guys totally made my day with the awesome comments on Lauren’s giveaway post from Wednesday. There’s some pretty hilarious nerding out that’s been going on undetected, that’s for sure. In the end, she used to pick out a winner (I saw her do it, it was legit.). Now, before I announce who that winner is, I decided to use my “Saturday Edition” to write my thoughts on each of the games that were part of the giveaway. Here we go:

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception
I’m not gonna lie, I haven’t actually played this one. BUT, I played the previous two and they were the most amazing video game experiences ever! They are basically very well written and beautifully shot movies that also happens to have perfect controls and are extremely fun to play. Not only that, but watching someone play is just as fun. Check out this ad that touched on that.

So yes I haven’t played part 3, but just take a look at the game’s trailer and tell me you wouldn’t want to play/watch that! I’m totally Nathan Drake. (Lauren Edit: Please review this post for all the reasons Kamel is, in fact, not Nathan Drake. Carry on.) No I am, Lauren! I’m not Batman, I don’t always have my shit together, but I am Nathan Drake! He stumbles around, he doesn’t always know how to use his weapons. I am Nathan Drake!! That’s me! (Lauren Edit: Ok, sure.)

LittleBIGPlanet 2
Ahhh! So yes, this is another game I haven’t actually played (I don’t have as much free time in my life as I once did, but then again I haven’t had this much fun in my life either, but that’s a whole other story.) Anyways, like Uncharted, I played the first LittleBIGPlanet and it was pretty much endless fun. It’s a side scroller like the old Mario games, it has a narrator that sounds like the voice from Hitchhiker’s Guide and you can create and share your own levels. I’m sure the sequel is just as fun as the original. Here’s a peak.

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations
Yes, I’m a loser and this is another game I have yet to play! Again, I’ve played 1 and 2 so at least I know the early part of the story. It’s very creative too. You play a young bartender named Desmond who’s ancient ancestors used to be Assassins (the good kind set to rid the world of evil, obviously). The game is set in the future and some mysterious people (I’m sure by this game you know who they are) have kidnapped him and hooked him up to a machine that allows him to replay his ancestor’s past so they can find out how things really went down.

Lauren calls this one “The Hooded Man Game” and every now and then she watches me play. She also thinks the main character (young Ezio) is hot. (Lauren Edit: He is totally hot.) He is an older man in this game though, as you can see in the trailer. This trailer also helped us find a talented new musician named Woodkid, whose album we purchased after hearing his song in the trailer.

L.A. Noire
FINALLY! A game I have played long and well enough to give a genuine opinion. This game is very simple, you’re a rising police man who is trying to make it as a detective. Set in 1947, you have to solve different cases all leading up to a serial killer. Each “level” is a crime. You start out by watching the crime, but without knowing who did it. Kind of like Law and Order. You then take control of the character and play detective. Collecting evidence, searching for clues and interviewing witnesses. This last part is my favorite because sometimes they’ll lie to you, or withhold facts and if you have the proper evidence or a gut feeling based on their “tells” you can call them out on their bullshit. It’s so much fun and makes me feel like a badass 40s detective. Add in voice acting from half the cast of Mad Men and it feels even more genuine.

Anyways, Lauren doesn’t like watching me play this one because she thinks I’m too mean or make too many mistakes which frustrates her (I’m not the best with details or short term memory). She also isn’t a fan of the time period. Boo! I love it, it plays out like L.A. Confidential in a Grand Theft Auto type 1947 LA. Check out the trailer for yourself.

Final Fantasy XIII-2
I have never played a Final Fantasy game in my life. But since I helped them bring this one to release, I figured I should check it out. I’m only about a couple of hours in so I don’t know where the story is going, but so far I’m liking it. It starts out a bit cheeseball-y and the music (I think) is a little off, but once you get past the intro and start putting pieces of the story together it becomes more interesting. The visuals are fantastic and the gameplay while complicated, makes a lot of sense after a few battles. You can tell that an extremely talented group of people put this game together. I just wish the voice acting was a little bit better.

The game, as you can see from the trailer, plays out like a 12 year old’s fantasy pretend world. Where there are evil forces and time travel and epic battles and energy explosions and “cool” (weird) costumes! Lauren is not a fan, (Lauren Edit: Because the girls need to put on some GD pants already! And it needs to stop sexualizing 12 years olds… but I digress.) so this one requires my headphones, but it’s turning out to be a much better story than I thought. Not bad. Perhaps I should check out the older Final Fantasy games one day.

And as you’re all waiting for the big announcement… Erin of The Familiar Wilderness (on behalf of her sister) is the winner! YAY! Congrats!

Lauren will be in touch with you to arrange the shipping and what not. =) Have an amazing Saturday everyone! And thanks for playing.

12 thoughts on “Saturday Edition: The Reveal”

  1. My sister just called me to tell me we won, so I wanted to stop by and say thank you! It was so much fun recalling that trip and reading everyone else’s “nerdiest moments.”

    Again, thank you!

  2. Yay Erin & her sister!

    Also, Lauren is right: Ezio is hot. It’s why Assassin’s Creed is one of my favourite games. (Plus, as the … “back seat driver” when Bunny’s playing I can boss him around. I like that bit too.)

  3. I thought I was the only one that thought that whenever I saw the cover – so HOT – and you know that must mean something coming from a total non-player of video games 🙂

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