Saturday Edition: Cleaning with Flo

This is the 4th Saturday Edition starring Kamel! And so far it’s a happy-dance inducing venture. Thanks for reading!!

Every time Lauren whips out the Flo and makes her masterpieces, a huge mess is always left behind. You never see this in the pretty photos, but cleaning the mess is my job. So I figured I’d give you a behind the scenes look at the not-so-glamourous-but-still-important part of Flo’s life in the Duprez Household. The cleanse:

7 thoughts on “Saturday Edition: Cleaning with Flo”

  1. Wow, I want you for my clean up man…. tell Lauren to put water in the bowl of Flo next time so that the cleaning will be a lot easier. It will keep the hard stuff from drying and staying hard.
    Boy does she have it good. In our house the rule is… you make the mess you clean the mess…

    love you both

  2. This makes me grin. In my parents’ household, my mom does ALL the cooking and my dad does ALL the kitchen clean-up. It works out very well for them.

    BUT. But. Whenever there’s an involved recipe to be made, and a big mess to clean up…my dad inevitably grumbles a little bit 😉

  3. It is a mess when I cook too, but i think you fill so proud what you did!!
    enjoy and have fun!!! by the way Kamel, you did a great job.
    Love you guys!!!

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