Real Life Conversations: Sarah V Kelly

This is a real life, verbatim, conversation between Kamel and I. Verbatim because this particular one was over chat and I copy and pasted it immediately because I can smell conversation gold a mile away. It’s a gift, really.

Kamel: We also got Kelly Clarkson and Sarah McLachlan! They let me pick 2 CDs this time!

Me: BARF! You got Sarah McLachlan???

Kamel: I LOVE HER! Shhh

Me: No.

Me: No. No. No.

Kamel: It’s a “Best of” compilation too! We get 2 discs! I love it!

Me: BARF Kamely!!

Kamel: Shush Ms Kelly Clarkson.

Kamel: Sarah can beat Kelly in a fight.

Kamel: Of singing.

Me: No way. No freaking way.

Kamel: Way.

12 thoughts on “Real Life Conversations: Sarah V Kelly”

  1. As a moody teenager, I liked Sarah McLachlan. Not so much anymore. But Kelly? Never. Due to my Kelly dislike, I’d have to side with Kamel on this one!

  2. Ahh, the infamous “Hey wall, talk to the hand!” pose. I originally wished you had flipped Kelly so it’d look like they were having a girl slap-fight, then I realized it’d just look like they were high-fiving.

    High-fiving because they both get to come live in your home.

  3. I’m gonna have to agree with Kamel on this one. I do love my Sarah McLauchlan. I still listen to her CDs which I got almost 10 years ago. Kelly Clarkson is good, but her music is basically completely different. It depends on what you’re in the mood for, I guess.

  4. TEAM LAUREN ALL THE WAY!!!! Obvi talent-wise Kelly is the winner, but when it comes to songs that are so HAIR-PULLING-LY (oh yes) sad and sappy Sarah wins.

  5. 1) Kelly is way better for car singing, hands down
    2) All I can think when I hear the McLachlan is Dawson’s Creek.
    3) I didn’t know this until last night, but Kamel has squirreled away the Sarah CD and listens to it only at work!!! He never even brought it home. hahaha.

    1. i think you need to go light your incense, get your pillows all set up on the floor, and cry into them with some MacLachlan playing. That’s what I think.

  6. Team Lauren/Kelly all the way. I can’t even believe how even this seems to be in the comments. Kelly ROCKS and though I will admit to liking a Sarah song or two in my day, all I can think of now when I hear her are sad puppy and cat faces (thanks, ASPCA).

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