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I was going to write a post today about my new neurosis, but then something a little more important came up. And it makes me really sad, because we were JUST planning our three day walk for the fall.

So, unfortunately, as much as Susan G Komen does for cancer research, I can’t currently support them. Because the truth is Planned Parenthood is 100% for women’s health, in a total, full body capacity. With their comprehensive birth control plans they prevent more abortions than they give, with their pap smears and mammograms, they are preventing cervical cancer and giving women who don’t have insurance (or insurance that is not woman-friendly) the chance to nip breast cancer in the bud. And the people who don’t support that, I don’t support.

So, the amount of money that we were going to spend on the 3 day ($5600), I’m giving it to Planned Parenthood. We aren’t 100% sure how to go about that yet, but when I find out I’ll let you know. Because that’s where we stand.

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  1. YES.

    My twitter feed has been blowing up about this for the last couple of days. I wasn’t a fan of Komen and the whole pink brand-washing thing before and this really sealed the deal for me. I’ll even be avoiding products that are sporting those pink ribbons, if I can help it.

    You should donate to Planned Parenthood, of course! But there are also a number of other cancer-fighting organizations and health orgs for low-income women who would appreciate the dollars, and there is a good list in this article.

  2. I just don’t get it. In my experience, the same people who are foaming at the mouth about abortions are foaming at the mouth about birth control for young, unwed women. And nearly none of them waited until they were married to know their partners in the [cough-cough] biblical sense. Easy to be high and mighty when you just got freaking lucky. I’d drop birth control from planes, stuff it in mail boxes, offer it diluted in smart water. The best, the only ONLY reasonable course of action is to prevent unwanted pregnancies before conception. WAKE UP.

    1. What bothers me is that they want to confer rights to fetuses that born people don’t have at the expense of women who are pregnant. If I needed a kidney and Lauren was the only match, no one would argue that she should be legally obligated to provide me one even though I’d die without a transplant. We all accept that she has rights over her body when she’s not pregnant.

      As someone who’s been pregnant (by choice), I found it terrifying that there were a lot of people who believed that I didn’t have the right to make decisions about my body during that time.

      1. Truly imagining being pregnant, as it is more of a reality and less of a “prevent prevent prevent at all costs!” thing now, it BOGGLES ME that I become less of a person when I’m making a new one. That gives me so much rage I’ve literally been choking up reading all of the comments today.

  3. THIS.
    Reproductive rights are women’s rights. Without the ability to decide if, when, and with whom to have a child women would be unable to participate in society as equals to men. PP does SO MUCH amazing stuff and provides much needed services to women (and men) who desperately need them. Their volunteers work despite endless harassment and I have so much respect for them

    1. I’d take this a step further and say it’s not just a women’s rights issue, it’s a human rights issue. Reproductive rights (and all rights regarding women, frankly) don’t just affect women – they’re an issue for everyone who has genitalia, and the sooner we realize that we’re in this together, the better.

      1. UGH. I got in a facebook argument with my emotionally stunted, virgin (so completely inexperienced in reproductive acts whatsoever), and just-plain-weird 21 year old brother about reproductive rights. As in how health care providers shouldn’t have to provide reproductive care if they don’t want to. NO! Absolutely not okay. If you refuse to care for women in this way, you have no right you call yourself a doctor or a hospital. Call yourself a church. We weren’t even talking in this, which I think is a tougher issue, but something as simple birth control pills.

  4. Agreed.

    In grade school I had a friend whose mother died of breast cancer. So we’ve always supported SGK. But over the past few years (mostly since their leadership changed) they’ve made me increasingly uneasy. And then last spring, when they sued the small charity for using “For the Cure”? It REALLY pissed me off. It’s not a competition, jackasses. How about a little cooperation? YOU’RE ALL WORKING TOWARDS THE SAME THING. Or at least, you should be. When a charity stops working like a charity and starts working like a company (for profit), something’s seriously wrong.

    This last stunt did it for me. I’m DONE.

    On the walk front, though … did you know AVON does a walk as well? A 2-day. I had no clue until this year. (DC’s is in May, so the radio is flooded with ads for signups). It looks like SF is in July. So, maybe?

    1. I think at this point, walking for breast cancer isn’t off the table FOREVER, but for the immediate future. I think my energy (and this is just me, save the boobs people for goodness sake… and the people attached to them.) needs to be spent on helping Planned Parenthood through the SEA of people who deem them to be evil. I think the more hands on deck for their uphill battle, the better for everyone.

      1. Oh totally. I wasn’t meaning to imply doing the walk INSTEAD of donating to PP. Eff that. But just pointing out that there are other avenues for Breast Cancer Research donation, too. =)

  5. Lauren, thank you for helping to spread the word on this.

    I’ve absolutely had it up to here. Increasingly when the going gets tough, it’s women’s rights and health, especially for poor women, that gets thrown under the bus. The Komen model is a heavily corporatized model that strong arms cancer researchers and is heavily funded by Big Pharma.

    As for this latest decision, it is indefensible that Komen would deny hundreds of thousands of dollars for breast cancer screenings because Planned Parenthood is “under federal investigation”. PP is the victim of a witchhunt but anti-choice and anti-contraception nut jobs, the very same people that now sit on the board of SGK! It is clear to me that the right-wingers on the SGK board think that fetuses are more important, and should have more rights, than living, breathing, if poor, women. This is an absolute disgrace.

    Also, thought I’d pass these along:

  6. Yes!! This is something I’ve been thinking alot about lately, trying to rol around my thoughts in my head, to make SURE I have a sound and eloquent arguement if ever I NEED TO ARGUE THE POINT. Because those are my favorite kind. The ones where, really, we cant lose. Because its human rights. Its power over our bodies, its educating women on how to make healthy choices and have voices and stand up to violent women, or verbal abuse, or making sure they know how much their BC will be over the next 6 months so they can budget for it (b/c their effin insurance wont cover all of it). Planned parenthood is doing the support and the gruntwork for so many issues – things that matter, that in the end give A VOICE and POWER to so many women. If you’re anti womens health than you are anti-woman.

    ps: try taking away prostate exams or condoms, the men that run this country (or at least thats how it feels sometimes) would FREAK

  7. Thank you so much for posting this! It just kills me that something as logical as providing mammograms somehow *also* gets rolled up into the whole abortion debate.

    There was also some great coverage of it on NPR this morning – including the long-standing ties of the founder of Komen to the Bush family and the Republican party. Something of which I had no clue before . . .

  8. PP has been my savior many, many times in my life. Honestly, when I had no job, and very little money, being able to get an exam and BC from them was super important. Especially when the pap came back wierd. I fully support the organization, and a women’s right to choose, well, anything for themselves. It’s disgusting to me when people’s and organization’s religious beliefs stand in the way of HUMAN rights. Same thing with gay marriage being illegal in so many states. Don’t even get me started on that issue.

    I’m making my donation right now. This is such an important issue to support!

    1. I was in this same position too. After graduating from college with a part time job and no insurance the sliding scale fee at PP made sure that I could afford to be seen by a doctor and get affordable prescriptions when I needed them. So many people have been helped by the affordable health care that this loss of funding is just sad. It’s not like we’re taking away luxuries by underfunding PP; women will suffer.

      1. I was trying to articulate another statement, but my anger makes my brain all cloudy. Basically PP=Good, organization’s that make selfish decisions=bad. Donezo.

  9. Kamel and I are trying to figure out how to do a large fundraising drive for PP. It’s easy with Susan G because people can donate under your name, to your cause via the website. I’m hoping I can score some sort of donate page for them for the side bar, but we’re also thinking about setting up a PayPal drive where people donate directly to us and then we pass it on. Do you think, dear readers, that this would be something people would be down for? Would you be comfortable first handing over cash to us trusting we will give 100% to Planned Parenthood? What are people’s thoughts?

    1. My only concern using PayPal is that you & Kamel would not be able to give the full amount of funds donated directly to PP because PayPal charges the receiver for the funds transferred. I would hate to donate to a cause and know that PayPal somehow gets a cut of my donation. I’m sure that there are other sites that could also offer receipts to donors and make sure that PP gets 100% of funds raised.

  10. YES!

    This is really heart-breaking for me. I have participated in a LOT of Susan G Komen Race for the Cures. I know a LOT of women who walk/run every year in memory of a loved one who has died from breast cancer.

    But SGK’s policy decision prompted me to do a lot of reading this week. And I don’t like what I’m learning about the organization. One figure I read stated that 11% of their funds go to finding a cure. 11%. That’s it.

    At any rate, even if those numbers aren’t accurate (which, really, they might not be)…with their decision to follow political agendas and defund Planned Parenthood, I feel I can’t support them. My donations are now going directly to PP.

  11. I would be totally down πŸ™‚ paypal is usually workable and easy on sites, fromy experience. But you know me – I would just hand you money from my stash in my sleep for something like this

  12. I have already done my contribution to Komen, πŸ™‚
    I could have used that for a night on the town but this was a much better alternative

  13. I have used before through PayPal. As many sites do they charge a transaction fee per donation. The money goes straight to your PayPal account and you can transfer it to your bank account though. I thought the site was really easy to use and people had no problem donating.

    Great idea!

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