Guest-Posting Lust List: Earrings

After my (little) large earring post, Eliza of candy_luminous (and of Australia, ftw) sent me a very excited email full of etsy links for earrings. She was not-so-subtly encouraging me on my accessor-escapade. I was already thinking of doing an earring roundup for any of you  wanting to spruce up your own collection (I’m assuming you all are much more accessorized than I am at this point), so it was the perfect timing! These are all of Eliza’s recs (after I scanned through her many, many links and picked out my favorites. A little round up of my own is at the bottom. Go Eliza!!

These are so pretty, not at all boring, and would go with everything. They also come in different sizes, so you can choose how dainty (or not dainty) you want to go. From Minicyn.

Little stars! I used to have a little star – just one – that I wore in my top left ear piercing every day. Hmm, maybe I should get these and start doing that again…

A little bird on your shoulder, only they are hanging from your ears! From Lulu Bug Jewelery.

A bit different, but still small and neutral enough to be worn every day. These also come in black, and I think this shop also sells their designs cut into wood. From Isette.

These are simple, but a little bigger. I’d wear them to the officeand with a dress for Friday night drinks, or even just with jeans to dress a look up a bit.

Oooh, SPIKES! Add a little grrr to your day, without going all out ragey on anyone. From Miki And Nora.

These are really different, and I love that about them. Swirls are elegant, yet the shape of these is very modern. They also come in a lighter silver colour, which might be more versatile. By Masaoms

You could wear these with a little black dress – take it from basic to a little more interesting. Or again, I’d wear these with jeans and a t shirt if I wanted to feel a bit more funky. This shop has lots of different options and you might also be able to get these in white.

Mismatching! We’re shaking it up over here! For the lady who likes a tea party. By Untamed Menagerie.

Or this gorgeous mismatched pair from the same shop. To me these are poignant earrings. And you don’t often see poignancy in earrings.
And here are a few Lauren-picks after catching my own earring bug:

I definitely have a thing for this shape. There was another pair that Eliza had picked out that looked very similar, but I couldn’t fit the photo in with all of the others (ah! formatting!). I also have a thing for brushed gold and lacy girlyness. By Perini Designs.

These are so crazytown gorgeous I don’t even feel worthy of them. Seriously. I would need a gala or a ball or sunday-in-my-pajamas to wear something so elegant. By Poetry Jewelery (of course they are).

I am obsessed with turquoise. I haven’t done anything with this obsession, and I still don’t own anything turquoise, but I like looking at it and wishing I did. By Moria Kats.

I don’t know what else to say about these besides the fact that they are beautiful. Petals always have a kind of easy beauty. Accidental or something. Something about the softness and the way I imagine these catch the light. By Dalia Shamir Jewelery.

Where do you go for your jewelery obsession? Do you have items you’ve been lusting after? Which of these is your fave?

Thanks to Eliza for taking the initiative on this one! I’m definitely looking at buying several of these for my sad (but growing!) little collection. I’ll keep you posted!

7 thoughts on “Guest-Posting Lust List: Earrings”

  1. ooooooooh what a fantastic way to start monday – earings for all! let them buy earings!

    My favorite is the pair by Masaoms (link is being tricky, but I found her on etsy) – they are exactly the look I want to rock with OUT having to stretch my ears or have those thick looking ones. They are moderny but also the design is almost like a throwback to tribal/asian tattoos and I love it! ps: shes from barcelona, naturally!

    ps: and the flower petals in gold, omgee

  2. oh, i love the turquoise ones! I love earrings, and I went through a phase a few years ago when I bought a lot (it was my year of the accessory so I let myself go a little crazy), but I haven’t bought many pairs in recent years. This makes me want to revive my accessorizing!

  3. I regularly worry about–in the event of a fire, earthquake, freak tornado, whatever–how the hell I’m going to gather up the sure-to-be-freaked-out cats, shove them BOTH in a bag, and get them out of the apartment with me.

    It’s probably time I just embrace my crazy cat lady status.

  4. I don’t accessorize much (as in, I wear the same rings ALL the time, the same watch ALL the time, and the same necklace on a non-special occasion basis) but I love earrings. LOVE them.

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